We all have those friends or family members who are impossible to buy for. Shopping for them becomes a frustrating nightmare and you end up buying them vouchers or bottles of wine every time their birthday rolls round.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a birthday gift or you’re getting super organsied for Christmas (well done!) here are some great foodie gifts for the traveller and/or foodie in your life.

Spanish hot chocolate |  Gifts for FoodiesFor the chocoholic

Spanish Drinking Chocolate

Do you know any chocolate lovers? A ginormous tub of traditional Spanish chocolate is for them. This is often served for breakfast in Spain and perfect for dunking toast or croissants in.


Tea and coffee tea towels |  Gifts for FoodiesFor the caffeine addict

Set of 2 Beverage Tea Towels

Who said tea towels need to be boring? I love these tea towels for tea or coffee lovers brighten up the kitchen while they’re drying on the cooker.


Scottish flavoured salts |  Gifts for FoodiesFor the Scot

Trio of Scottish Salts

Of course, you could fork out and buy a bottle of Scottish Whiskey but if you’re on a budget opt for these Scottish flavoured coarse sea salts. One is oak-smoked malt whiskey, one Shetland-gathered seaweed and the third is fiery Scotch Bonnet chillies.



Cheese baking pot |  Gifts for FoodiesFor the cheese lover

Connoisseur’s Cheese Baker

Is there anything better than Camembert or Brie when it’s all warm and gooey and served with fresh bread you can just tear off and dunk in? No, I don’t think so either. Buy this ceramic cheese-baking dish for anyone you think would be drooling right about now.


British Mugs |  Gifts for FoodiesFor the English tea drinker

Set of 2 Talk Proper Mugs

You can never have too many British themed mugs in your life. Mugs are a great present because person you bought it for will thing of you every time they have a brew.


Fish Magnets | Gifts for FoodiesFor the fish lover

Shoal of Magnets

These fish magnets are really cute and brighten up any magnetic area of your kitchen. I’ve had to put mine on my cooker hood as a certain four-legged friend kept taking them off the fridge and hiding them in his bed. I actually really like them on the cooker as they make something really ugly look cute.

Moroccan lanterns |  Gifts for FoodiesFor the dinner party host

Set of 4 Ambah Lanterns

I am absolutely in love with these ambah lanterns. They remind me of Morocco and lazy dinners eating tagines filled with spicy lamb, vegetables and cous cous. I’m planning to put mine above my table for the perfect travel themed dinner party.



Big thanks to Culture Vulture Direct for sending over these gifts. I have tested them all and can confirm they’d all make fabulous gifts for foodies.

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