A New Challenge – A Year to Remember

It was my 25th birthday last week and among all the tipsy celebrations I (vaguely) remember making a promise to make this a year to remember.

I’ve been told that the ages of 25-35 are the best years of your life so I’m pretty sure they’re going to be good (*she says while touching wood so as not to jinx it!)

When you reach 25 you finally have enough money to stop living on Tesco Value noodles, but not enough to start thinking about pensions and savings (yawn). You’re grown up enough to find a nice place to live, but not grown up enough to have any ‘real’ responsibilities (like a scary mortgage). You’re experienced enough to know that Sambuka shots are generally a bad idea, but still young enough not to care.

This is going to be a year filled with travel, new experiences, new people and new places. To make sure I remember it all I’m starting a new challenge; every single day I am going to take a photo of something amazing.

By amazing I don’t necessarily mean a white sandy beach or a tourist hotspot, I just mean something beautiful. Something that made me stop and think. Something that caught my eye or made me smile.

A photo I recently took in Girona at TBEX

It means that every day I’m going to have to find something worth taking a photo of and look for something memorable. I know, I know. Taking a photo every day seems pretty easy, right? It’s easy enough while you’re travelling, but what about those days when you get to the office in the dark and you leave in the dark? What about those Sundays when you’re so hungover you don’t even get dressed? What about the weeks where you do virtually the same thing every single day?

I don’t want to have the kind of life where every day is the same so I’m hoping that this project will make sure I stop wasting days and do something every day worth remembering. One of the reasons why I was so reluctant to stop travelling fulltime and get a ‘real job’ was because I was so worried about becoming trapped in the rat race and having the kind of boring life that passes you by. I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world so I’ve got no excuse to not complete this project.

Some days the things I want to remember most are right inside my flat

I’ll be posting most of my photos on Instagram so if you want to check them out my username is TheTravelHack. I promise to not get really desperate and just post pictures of my lunch, my soggy cornflakes, what I’m wearing or my dog.

If anyone else fancies joining in on the challenge, let me know!

  1. Ali 9 years ago

    Sounds like a great challenge! Have fun with it!

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      Thanks Ali! I’m hoping it’s going to be fun all year and not turn into to much of a challenge.

  2. Tash 9 years ago

    Great challenge – will open your eyes to so much beauty just right there around you, every day!

    25-35, huh! Hmmmm….I can say (almost) that I agree – but I certainly hope there is more to come post 35! Ha! But a good enough excuse to make the declaration that every day will not be dull! Enjoy!

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      Thanks Tash. I was told this by someone who is currently 35 so who knows, it could get even better!?

  3. This is an awesome project, Monica! You go girl, I can’t wait to see the beauty you’ll experience in the coming year! (that is if you choose to share, haha)

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      Thanks Kate! I’ll definitely be sharing. I think all bloggers become programmed to massively over-share!

  4. Aaron Andrews 9 years ago

    This is an awesome challenge. It sounds like a sure way to live life to the fullest & see new things!

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      I hope so. I think it’s going to get tougher as the winter nights draw in!

  5. Oooh, I’m looking forward to the results of this challenge! I’ll be sure to follow along. Good luck!

  6. Lindsey 9 years ago

    Great challenge/project! I’m almost inspired to start my own. I can’t wait to see yours unfold 🙂

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      You definitely should do! It’s actually quite a lot harder than you’d think. I used to work in Central London and took photos all the time but it’s tough when you’re working in a boring area so I could do with some suport!

  7. Scarlett 9 years ago

    LOVE THIS – and I hope this year is one of the best yet m darling xx

  8. Arianwen 9 years ago

    This sounds fun! I reckon it’s a great way to force yourself to take more notice of your surroundings too. Can’t believe you’re only 25 – you lucky duck!

  9. Frankie (Bird) 9 years ago

    I am 10 months into 365 project and though it can be hard work I love watching a collection of memories build in front of me… I think I’ll find it hard to stop next year or I’ll have to find another way of capturing the moments that make me smile.

    Good luck Monica!

  10. Mike 8 years ago

    Hi Monica,

    I love your blog. It’s great seeing people take the plunge and follow what truly makes them happy. You have some amazing articles and photos. If you are ever interested in submitting any articles or photos to us at BarrelHopping we have photo and article contests where you can win some cash and help fund your continued travels!

  11. Cristina 8 years ago

    Happy belated Birthday Monica!! I was also scared I would fall into the “every day is the same” trap. What a great way to remind ourselves to find excitement in each day we live!

    You’re right, the 20s is an awesome time! I’m in my late twenties right now and found I have learned so much in the last couple of years about what really matters in life, how to keep the days from passing me by, and how to feel more fulfilled.

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