Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking, Laos

While we were in Luang Prabang we went elephant trekking at an elephant rescue centre. Most of the elephants had previously been involved in logging and had been drugged everyday so they worked longer hours. A few of them were blind or had huge scars on them. Mine and Sam’s elephant had a dodgy leg and basically only walked on three legs which is quite impressive considering its size.

Two people sat on the elephant’s back while the mahout sat around its neck, controlling the elephant with his feet. The mahout is the person who raises the elephant and trains it an usually stays with it for their whole life.

We walked through the jungle on the elephants for about half an hour and then they walked through the river which came half way up their backs in places. We took it in turns sitting around the elephant’s neck.

Its skin was really rough and bristley but the ends of its ears were soft and pink and it flapped them against our legs like a waggy tail on a dog. I felt really mean as I was basically sat on the elephants head but it didn’t seem to notice I was there.

We then walked back through the streams in the jungle and we fed the elephants bananas. I was a bit scared at first but our elephant was really gentle. I did end up covered in elephant slobber and Sam got elephant snot all over him.

To wash it off and to cool down we headed to some nearby waterfalls. The waterfalls looked like some kind of man-made tourist attraction at Disneyland because they were so perfect. The water was crystal clear with a slight light blue tinge and there were little wooden bridges over the calmer parts of the water. There was one pool that we could swim in and it was gorgeous, although freezing cold and the current was pretty strong

Elephant swimming

Our elephant

Feeding our elephant bananas

Rob and Iain looking very pleased

Waterfalls and streams, Laos

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