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I was recently nominated in Skyscanner’s Blogscars award for the Travel Photography Blogger of the Year award. When I realised I would nominated I was flattered but didn’t think a lot of it. I was up against the likes of Never Ending Voyage, who are incredible photographers so I knew I wasn’t going to win and I was fine with that. I’ve never had myself down as a photographer; I take most of my photos on my iPhone and I have no idea about cameras, composition, aperture or photoshop or any other photographer type things I’ve heard spoken about.

But I couldn’t help feel a little bit of sad disappointment when I didn’t win. It wasn’t until then that I realised that a part of me had actually wanted to win. I wanted to be the travel photography blogger of the year. I want people to look at my photos and be inspired to visit a new place.

So I’ve set myself a new challenge to become a better photographer. This time next year I’d like to genuinely consider myself as a competitor for that award and not just a travel blogger who got lucky with a few snap shots.

I have a photography course coming up next month which is a one-day course I won as part of my prize in the HostelBookers Travel Bloggers Awards. The course is called ‘Getting out of Auto’ which is something I definitely need and is with the London Photography Course company.

I’ll be sharing the hints and tips I learn from the course and everything else I come across over the next few months. I’m going to be chatting to other photography bloggers to get their top tips as well as watching every video and reading every book under the sun.

My first task is to buy myself a new camera.


At the minute I use a Sony NEX-3. I actually really love this camera because it’s a DSLR but is still small and lightweight (aka. handbag sized). It takes great photos and the video quality is pretty good too but if I’m going to start investing in new lenses I’m thinking it’s best to set myself up with either a Nikon or a Canon.

If you have any camera recommendations, or if you know of any good books, workshops, online tutorials or DVDs please let me know.

But tell me, what camera do you use and are you a Canon or a Nikon fan?

  1. Jemma 9 years ago

    Congratulations! Being nominated is already an honor. Don’t worry there’s still next time. 🙂

    For the Nikon vs Canon, I think the instrument doesn’t really matter that much. If you’re a good photographer, no matter what brand you use, you’ll still be able to take good photos.

  2. Harley 9 years ago

    I use a Canon 5D Mark II, and all around prefer Canons over Nikon. Reason being, my fiance is a film guy and Canon is the go to camera, and the cameras my photography professor preferred were Canon.

    My photography professor told me, there’s not much of a difference between the two, but most people end up using the same as what their teachers did just because.

  3. Ed Rex 9 years ago

    Canon, canon, canon, canon!

    I’ve had plenty of people complaining about Nikon.

    I’m surprised you didn’t win. Did you have yourself in the photo? If you were, then it’s a complete travesty that you didn’t win, because seeing you, I would have melted like chocolate left out in the sun. #badflirting

  4. Erin 9 years ago

    I had a Canon 40D for several years and just bought a Canon 7D. I love Canon products, and Nikon people love Nikon products. You really can’t go wrong with either. Taking a class specific to the brand of camera you get would probably help you with little tips and tricks. If you don’t have a lot of cash for outlay, you should consider purchasing a better model used rather than a less good model new. Buy the best lenses you can reasonably afford, even if it means only getting one new lens every few years. Learn to take good photos in camera, but learn to use good software to polish them. Find a photographer who will give you honest, constructive feedback (and get some thick skin b/c sometimes your feelings will be hurt!). Have lots of fun!

  5. Irene 9 years ago

    Sorry to read that you didn’t win! I think it’s already a big achievement being nominated and it’s great that your want to improve your skills now 🙂

    I also took a photography course a couple of years ago and it helped me a lot to understand what’s really going on when I take a photo. I borrowed my dad’s Nikon for the course and I adored it! I’m also thinking about updating my camera anytime any soon to a DSLR and I’m quite biased to Nikon, hoewever I think it’s good to decide based on particular features and not on the brand, so I’m open to other possibilities as well.

    Right now I just a compat digital Fujifilm and while it is true that I don’t have that many possibilities there’s a lot to be learnt in the meantime. Composition and photoshop are things that you can master regardless of the camera you use.

    Have fun in the photography course and enjoy this challenge!

  6. Gate20 9 years ago

    Canon all the way!

    Shooting with the 7D right now, and a 24-105 lens. Love it!!

  7. Rachel Davis 8 years ago

    I shoot Canon, 5d II. Love it to bits! I only ended up with Canon after upgrading from an old Canon film camera {so I could still use the lenses}. Either Canon or Nikon, you still get great pictures, I’d go for the best deal in the end!

    You should get heaps out of the Photography Course, even in one day I’m sure! Practice, practice, practice to get used to your new camera. You clearly have a good eye, and that’s the key!

  8. Vic Roberts 8 years ago

    Canon or Nikon I think it is just personal choice as Canon users will swear theirs are the best and Nikon users will swear that theirs are the best. I am a Canon user myself but both have their advantages and disadvantages. I definately advise that you get out of auto mode and experiment though. Good luck with the course.

    • TheTravelHack 8 years ago

      Thanks Vic. I had the course last weekend and I realised that getting out of auto is much more difficult than I thought but I’m sticking with it!

  9. lynnette hoffman 8 years ago

    Ive got to join the chorus of Canon fanatics. I have a Canon 7d which is sometimes described as a journalists camera- its not fullframe, to get all jargony, bit it is FAST, shoots video, used the lenses I already had and was a bit cheaper. As others have said the main thing is to be out there taking pix amd knowing how to use the equipment youve got. Sounds like an awesome opportunity you’ve got. Enjoy!!

  10. David Marsha 8 years ago

    The war between Nikon Vs Canon will never come to an end. Both are great camera manufacturer however, NIKON always have advantage over picture quality and canon always have upper hand when it comes to Videography. Choose according to your budget and last but most important part creative or beauty doesn’t come from the camera it’s the person behind the camera that captures a breathtaking scene 🙂

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