Cambodia to Vietnam

We got our first overnight train from Cambodia to Vietnam. We started to realise that we weren’t the only people who had fallen in love with Dara and he was quite the little charmer. We noticed that he has many friends in all the places we visited but it seems that he also has his lady friends everywhere too who he managed to charm the pants off with his cheeky grin and he also managed to blag great things for us too so we were great supporters of ‘Dara the Charmer’. This time he’d managed to get us upgraded to 1st class on the sleeper train and we definitely needed to be broken in gently for our first experience.

Luckily, all our cabins were together. Each cabin was about 1.5 meters wide and held 2 bunk beds. There was a small amount of space between the bunk beds with a table in the middle but only one person could stand up at a time and you had to wait outside while everyone took it in turns to climb into bed. Even though it was tiny it was actually OK. They were clean and comfy and we felt much better about them when we took a stroll to the other end of the train and saw 2nd class which was similar but with triple decker bunk beds and they had hospital lighting. Things got worse when we got further along the train where people just had wooden seats like a giant uncomfortable aeroplane.

We had to walk through the 3rd class area to get to the food cabin where we had noodle soup. This probably wasn’t the best food choice whilst on a rattling, shuddering train and I lost the majority of my soup to the table but I slurped up my noodles before they could slop out.

It was Phillipa’s 30th birthday while we were on the train so we celebrated in style and got extremely drunk and played drinking games all night. The train security guys weren’t too happy about this. I’m not sure if it was the noise or the 10 people squished into one tiny cabin that bothered them but they weren’t happy chappies.

It turned out that getting drunk on the train was a very good idea because we all slept like babies and didn’t notice the noise or the smell. Getting up at 5am wasn’t a pleasant experience though.

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  • November 19, 2019

    >It turned out that getting drunk on the train was a very good idea

    Lol! I’m pretty sure getting drunk is always a good idea when it comes to long distance travel. Helps ease the pain of the unbearable boredom.


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