Rain, Rain go Away….

As predicted the flood level had risen during the night and was about knee high in the morning. We were lucky that our hotel was further back from the river and there were a few steps up the ground floor. We spent the day lazing around while the hotel staff busied around us taking precautions in case the typhoon hit. All the furniture was moved upstairs and supplies were bought. It all seemed a little unnecessary because we didn’t quite believe that it would be that bad. Although the staff were all working quickly and tirelessly they didn’t seem to be stressed out or worried. They showed us the stains on the walls that marked the last load of flood water; it was about waist high and they laughed and joked about their flood stories.

That night all the power went out when the generator finally gave up. It might not have been too bad but we didn’t have any windows in our bedrooms. So it was pitch black and boiling hot in our room without fresh air or air conditioning. Also, I had hand washed all our clothes so they hung in our room until they became smelly and damp and our whole room smelt like mould. The room was lit by candle light which was quite fun at first but the fun didn’t last long.

That night we waded across the road to a restaurant that was also lit by candle light and they managed to cook us pizza and served cheap beer so we were all happy. We had to leave pretty early though because the flood water was beginning to run into the restaurant and our feet got wet. Sam and Chris got electrocuted on the way back across the flooded road by an electricity cable that was dangling in the water.

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