Aladdin Pants

Since travelling, I have developed a new found love for Aladdin Pants. I wouldn’t be caught dead in something so shapeless and baggy while at home but as soon as I stepped into Asia I was in love.

They’re just so perfect for travelling, particularly in Muslim countries like we are now where it’s inappropriate to be strutting around in my usual skirts and shorts. They’re loose and comfortable and cool.

I recently got a bargain with a new pair of purple Aladdin Pants and paid just 40,000Rp for a pair. Thats about $3! So now I’m breezing around, pretending to be Princess Jasmine. Now all I need is a magic carpet and a genie!

Are there any clothes you wear while travelling that you wouldn’t be caught dead in at home?

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  1. Maria Alexandra 10 years ago

    >Hahahaha!! I LOVE Aladdin pants! They so comfyyy. I bought a bright colorful pair while traveling thoughout Egypt. You can see them here:

    hehe =)

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