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Welcome to The Travel Hack

Welcome to The Travel Hack, a travel blog about stylish adventure travel, affordable luxury and making the most out of each and every holiday and weekend break!

Monica Stott - The Travel Hack

I’m Monica and I founded The Travel Hack in in 2009 during a two-year backpacking adventure. I bought a backpack and a one-way ticket to Australia and had the most amazing time of my life as I travelled through Asia and around Australia in a battered old campervan. From the moment that ticket was booked I was hooked on travel and I’ve barely stopped since.

I’m now based in the UK and travel as much as I can. Sometimes it will be close to home in England or Wales but I still travel far and wide and I’ll show you how you can too!

I now have a little boy called George who comes with me on most of my adventures. This little guy is going to be a globetrotter and I’m share tips about how to travel with a baby (and still keep it stylish!)

Since having George (and a second baby on the way soon!) I’ve been joined by a fabulous team of travel bloggers who contribute to The Travel Hack. Find out more about the team here.





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