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10 travel hacks to survive early morning flights

10 travel hacks to survive early morning flights

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has eagerly booked an early morning flight, thinking it’ll be great to arrive early and have a full day in my destination. Those early morning flights are usually cheaper too so I feel like I’ve got a double winner with a bargain flight and an extra day on holiday!

Yes, they seem like a good idea! A 6am flight doesn’t seem too early…right? But then you factor in that you need to get to the airport 2 hours early…and it takes an hour to get there…and you want 20 minutes as a ‘just in case’ buffer…and 20 minutes to get ready…

Yea, you’re getting up pretty early for that 6am flight! 

But fear not, I’ve got some tips to make the early morning flight a little easier and trust me when I say that it’s totally worth it!

1. Have your early morning flight outfit laid out ready

Simplify your morning by having your flight outfit laid out and ready to go. Even if you know what you’re wearing, just get it out. 

There’s nothing worse than realising the top you wanted to wear is dirty when it’s 2am and all your other t-shirts are already packed in your suitcase.

I’m a fan of keeping my plane outfit super simple and I always wear my favourite leggings and a cosy hoodie with a cap and women’s running trainers.

Classic travel outfit

2. Have everything packed and ready to go

It goes without saying, right? Make sure your bags are fully packed before you go to bed!

Travel Hack Tip: If you’re the kind of person who panics they’ve forgotten something, keep reminding yourself that all you really need is your:

  1. Passport
  2. Phone (with Apple Pay or Google Pay)
  3. Phone charger + plug adaptor

3. Make overnight oats

If you’re the kind of person who needs to eat as soon as they get up then make overnight oats. It’s a simple, healthy and delicious breakfast that actually tastes better when it’s been chilling in the fridge for a few hours.

I usually make this in a disposable tub (get them on Amazon) and eat it once I get to the airport.

I make my overnight oats by blending a banana with milk, vanilla protein powder and greek yoghurt. I then add my oats and pop them into a pot with some berries and honey on top and this is so good for the morning!

I like Joe Wicks overnight oats recipes. They feel so indulgent but they’re really filling and healthy – just what you need when you’ve got a big day ahead!

4. Have your coffee pot ready

If you can’t leave the house without a coffee, get everything ready so you can make it as quickly as possible. I usually put my coffee into a flask so I can drink it on the way to the airport.

5. Have your giant water bottle ready

You can’t fly without a giant water bottle! I like to fill mine with iced water and keep it in the fridge ready for the morning. I then try and drink it all before I go through airport security so at least I’m beginning my journey hydrated. I’ll refill it again at a fountain or coffee shop at the airport.

6. Triple check your airport travel arrangements 

Check, check and check again.

  • What time is your flight?
  • Are you checked in for your flight?
  • Do you need to print anything out or is the app OK?
  • Which terminal are you flying from?
  • Is your taxi or airport parking confirmed?
  • Do you know how you’re getting to your accommodation once you arrive?

7. Tidy the house, put the bins out, lock your windows and water your plants

This is the most annoying thing to do before a holiday (when you have a million other things to do already) but it’s also the most rewarding. There’s nothing better than coming home from holiday to a clean and tidy house! You’ll thank yourself when you get home. (As someone who has come home to dead house plants and a fridge full of rotting food – I know!)

Travel Hack Tip: You get bonus points for ordering an online food shop for when you get back from your holiday! It makes me feel like Super Mum when I do this.

8. Pack your car and make sure it has fuel

If you’re getting to the airport by car, I highly recommend packing your car and making sure you have fuel the night before. Packing the car is a simple job but it has the potential to go really wrong! If you’ve ever tried to pack a car with 6 suitcases, 3 tired children and hand luggage while you’re half asleep, you’ll know what I mean!

I like to put my suitcases in the boot and then I keep my handbag out on the kitchen table.

9. Buy duplicates of anything you’ll need to pack in the morning

If there are certain things you can’t pack until the morning because you need to use them, I highly recommend buying duplicates. I know, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to just pack those things at the last minute but you’ll be making life so much easier for yourself! 

Things like your phone charger, your toothbrush or a particular cleanser you like to use in the morning, just buy duplicates.

This means you can fully pack your suitcase, close it up and put it in the car without having to squeeze anything else into it in the morning.

10. Write yourself a morning to-do list

If there’s anything else you need to do before you leave, definitely write yourself a to-do list. Whether it’s shutting a window or turning a plug off, just write it down. It’ll stop the anxiety of ‘did I remember to do that!?’ and mean you won’t forget anything. It’ll also stop you faffing in the morning because you’ll quickly work your way through your list and leave the house ASAP.