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Dreamy places for sailing in Croatia

Sailing along any of Croatia’s beautiful coasts has been on my bucket list for years. The deep, calm waters, the gentle green hills and the serene sky bring peace, tranquility and a contact with nature that is hard to match in other landscapes.

Croatia is becoming a popular sailing destination for both experienced and newbies to sailing.

The Adriatic Sea and its unique beauty is the main reason. For most of the year, it offers ideal conditions for cruising its calm and clear waters.

But there is another reason why Croatian sailing is so attractive. It is the countless coves that can only be reached by boat and are Croatia’s true treasures.

Here’s some inspiration for your trip to Croatia with sailing hotspots and things to see while you’re on the mainland.

Sailing from Split

The first step is to start with boat rental Split. This coastal city is the starting point of your yachting or sailing trip in Croatia. Many people will start any holiday to Croatia in Split because this is the main airport so it makes sense to start your sailing holiday here too.

Make sure you sail to Vis, a gorgeous island not far away. You can sail around the coast of Vis and admire it from afar or jump off the boat and explore. Vis is known for its pristine beauty, tranquil, rugged cliffs, lush vineyards, and crystalline waters. Careful, you might get off the boat here and never want to leave! 

You can soak up the sun on the beaches or explore the ancient Greek settlements and charming villages with stone houses, narrow alleys and quaint squares.

Stiniva Beach and the Blue Cave, where sunlight paints the waters an ethereal hue, are two popular places to visit on Vic. 

Visiting Zadar and Kornati islands

If you’re in the quieter city of Zadar then here are your sailing and mainland hotspots.

The sea is easy to reach from Zadar and there are several islands to explore nearby. Choosing a favorite will be a challenge because they all have their charm. On these coasts, it is highly recommended to snorkel or scuba dive on the island of Nin.

Zadar is home to an architectural marvel dedicated to experimental music, known as the Sea Organ. This unique structure, designed by the Croatian architect Nikola Baši?, consists of a set of stairs at the ocean’s edge. As the waves of the Adriatic Sea ebb and flow, they create a beautiful, soothing murmur.

Depending on how the waves hit the organ, the musical notes are always changing so it’s definitely worth stopping here to quietly relax and listen.

If you are looking for something more adventurous then head to the island of Pag, where you’ll find some of the best bars and restaurants in Croatia.

Biograd na Moru

Another destination of indisputable beauty is the town of Biograd na Moru. Its name translates as “white city on the sea”, and several Croatian rulers were crowned there. Exploring this sailing area and combining it with a land excursion to see its attractions is the best way to see this area.

This city contains many medieval buildings that are part of the country’s history. The Basilica of St. John is one of them.. It is possible to be captivated by the peace and authenticity of its historically significant streets.

A boat tour here should include the Kornati and Krka National Parks. The Telaš?ica Nature Park is definitely worth seeing, whether it’s from the deck of the boat or if you decide to dock for hiking.