Hong Kong’s Peak

‘The Peak’ is one of Hong Kong’s biggest tourist attractions. You ride a worryingly old tram up a worryingly steep mountain 552m high. The tram was built in 1888 and has barely been altered since; apparently this is meant to be part of the attraction to riding it.

It felt as though the tram was almost vertical at times and it would have been impossible to stand up; I found it difficult enough to hold my head up straight as gravity attempted to bend it in some unnatural direction. The tram slowly rattled and creaked and struggled and heaved itself up the mountain and I was extremely pleased to get off at the top and even more pleased when I saw the view.

There was an amazing panoramic view of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Victoria Harbour and on the other side the sun was setting over an equally amazing view. I was pleased we arrived just before sunset as we saw the city in daylight and then when it was all lit up and twinkling through the night.


We ate dinner at ‘Bubba Gumps’. Another overpriced tourist trap at the top of The Peak but it was well worth it and we weren’t quite ready to decipher a Chinese menu; this was our first day backpacking so we opted for a bit of flashpacking!



We ate what felt like half the shrimp in the sea, cooked in every possible way and dunked in every possible sauce. We then sat at the bar with our stools facing the amazing view while we sipped cocktails from tacky, flashing plastic beakers they gave us for free, probably because they felt guilty about charging us so much. The restaurant has amazing views across the harbour where you can see the Symphony of Lights, the world’s biggest nightly synchronized light show. 41 buildings are included in the show and the lights dance through the sky in time to some funky tunes.

Have you ever been to The Peak in Hong Kong?

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one that was scared by the tram and spent a small fortune at Bubba Gumps!



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  1. The way up to “The Peak” with the tram is definitely a bit terrifying but once you made it, you’ll literally “see” that it was all worth it 😉

  2. Amazing photos!! That tram is crazy, I love how just because things are old (probably dangerous) they’re suddenly a tourist attraction – I’d love to do it though. I’m a massive forrest gump geek so I’d LOVE to eat at Bubba Gumps, very jealous!! xxx

    1. I know, I love that too. There is also a ferry in Hong Kong called the STA ferry and it’s just a regular boat but because it’s been running for so long it’s a major tourist attraction – and it’s still about 10p for a ride. Bargain.

  3. When I lived there it was a treat to go there. I ended up going to Bubba Gump’s on my birthday and we had a seat by the window and could see the symphony of lights going off! Amazing!

    And the park tram really hurts your neck going up doesn’t it?!

    1. It’s always the same. When you spend a long time in a place you never do as much as if you’re just there for a few days. I think it’s because you always think ‘I can do that next weekend’ but next weekend never comes! I’ve barely done any of the touristy stuff in London because I keep thinking this!

    1. Thanks guys, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hong Kong is like one giant amazing food spot. For the best food, keep away from the tourist hot spots (like Bubba Gumps!) If there isn’t a word of English on the menu it’s always a good sign. A slightly more difficult sign, but a good sign!

      Most markets have a food section so try as much as you can.

      Enjoy your trip and I look forward to reading about it soon 🙂

  4. First thought: I REALLY should have tried that restaurant instead of having a Whopper–those shrimp look amazing.

    Second thought: there’s a very good chance you are in fact the first person ever to be scared of that tram. To be fair though, I only took it down, not up. The line at the bottom was ridiculous, so I took a bus instead.

    Third thought: maybe I could write something that’s actually useful. If you have a day to spare, take the ferry across the river to Macau for a nice day trip. It’s well worth it. As a former Portuguese colony, it’s completely different from Hong Kong. Plus you can throw away your money legally in one of the many casinos (including the world’s largest) if you feel you’re too wealthy.
    They also have the world’s highest bungee jump, but you’ll have to sell a kidney to be able to afford it. Not a problem though. Given the safety standards in China, you won’t live long enough to miss it.

    1. Haha, I must be such a wimp if I’m the only person to get scared by the tram. Macau sounds like a really good day trip. I’m sure I’ll be back in Hong Kong one day so I’ll keep this in mind, thanks Daniel!

  5. We’ve been there every year and while we did not blow a small fortune at Bubba Gumps (we blew it on snacks/coffee and shopping!), we’ve felt the same way on the tram. It is so worth it and to date one of our favoritist(?) experiences in the world.

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