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Everything you need for your winter sports holiday

Everything you need for your winter sports holiday

Packing for a winter sports holiday is extra challenging because you seem to need so much stuff!

But fear not, this winter holiday packing list will simplify the packing process and help you pack your bags in no time.

Here’s everything you need for a winter sports holiday…

Ski jacket & ski pants

If you don’t want to fork out a fortune for new ski gear then take a look at Vinted. I recently sold my old ski gear on there and there are lots of great options. For most people, their ski clothing stays in good condition so even if it’s second hand then it’ll still have loads of wear left in it.

I am loving the 80’s inspired all-in-one fitted ski suits that are around at the minute.


One of the things it’s easy to forget on a winter sports holiday is swimwear! Many hotels and lodges will have either a swimming pool or a hot tub. Even if they don’t, I’d recommend trying to find one while you’re away. There’s nothing better than sitting in a hot tub in the snow! adidas women’s swimsuits have always been a favourite of mine for proper swim sessions!


You can’t go on a winter holiday without a fleece! Thankfully, the shops are filled with gorgeous fleeces this season. I’m loving the colourful 90’s vibes and Next have a great selection of cosy fleeces for just £28. These would look amazing on the slopes!

The perfect thermals

Good thermals can make or break your holiday. I like thermals that are really thin and flexible but still keep me warm. M&S have a great Heatgen range if you’re looking for comfy, affordable basics. 

Ear muffs or a hat

Personally, I prefer to wear ear muffs over a hat. I get too hot with a hat on but my ears still get cold!

Good socks

I cannot stress how important good socks are! I’ll be honest, for all other items on this list I’d happily go with cheap options. But socks? No chance. You need good socks.

They need to be thick but not so thick they’re bulky. Tight so they don’t fall down, but not so tight they cut off the circulation to your toes! Cosy but not fluffy.

Yea, it’s a lot of requirements for a pair of socks. 

My son is the fussiest kid when it comes to socks and the only ski socks he’ll wear are Mountain Warehouse ones. And now the whole family have them because they’re great!

Collapsible water bottle

Collapsible water bottles are a new discovery for me and they’re great. They’re perfect for the slopes because once you’ve finished your drink you can just fold it up and pop it in your pocket.

Gloves or mittens

Make sure they’re waterproof and fleece lined. I like neoprene ones with fleece inside!

SPF50 for your face

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I’m always amazed by how quickly you can get sunburnt on the ski slopes. You’ve got harsh sunlight, clear blue skies and fresh snow dazzling everything back up at you, so it’s really not surprising. 

I like the Piz Buin Mountain Face Protector SPF50. Don’t forget to reapply it regularly!

Lip Balm with SPF50

Don’t forget that your lips will need SPF too. Sunscreen doesn’t work on your lips because it just wipes off so get a proper lip balm such as the Banana Boat SPF50.

Great sunglasses

If there was ever a time to invest in great sunglasses, it’s now.

Sunglasses with polarised lenses will shield your eyes from the sun’s rays and will prevent glare, which often happens with cheaper glasses. If you’re lenses are clear then you won’t be squinting or straining your eyes which can lead to headaches and general discomfort.

Warm, waterproof boots that are great for snow and also a night out!

If you can find a pair of boots that will take you from apres ski to the restaurant to the dance floor then you’re absolutely winning!

Something like Moon Boots are great or opt for chunky, waterproof Chelsea boots. There are lots of gorgeous padded boots around at the minute and even walking boots would work perfectly well.

Casual but gorgeous clothes for nights out

We all know the nightlife is a huge part of winter sports holidays. Apres ski followed by a big dinner followed by a night of drinking and dancing is how most evenings pan out.

The dress code is usually stylish but casual. You won’t be needing dresses or heels but there should still be an edge of glamour!

I usually opt for nice boots and my current favourite jeans so I’m comfy, warm and practical. Then add something like a gorgeous top, a bold sweater and statement sunnies.

A bungee cord for your phone

I can’t find any statistics around this but so many people drop their phones from ski lifts! Everyone gets their phone out while on the ski lift, whether it’s to take photos, reply to messages or idly scroll while you relax for 10 minutes. People often do this while wearing chunky gloves or with cold fingers so it’s not surprising so many people drop them! Don’t be one of those people and get yourself a bungee cord for your phone. You can then wear your phone around your neck or clip it to your jacket or inside your pocket!

Decent travel insurance

Travel insurance is always important but it’s extra important for a winter sports holiday when accidents can happen. Whether it’s damage to your ski equipment or to you as a person, you need to make sure you’re covered.

It’s also worth making sure you’re covered for travel delays (which are common when you combine planes with snow and ice!) and even the possibility of there being no snow at your resort.