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My favourite Scandi-style bloggers

My favourite Scandi-style bloggers

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, ‘Wow, they look amazing, but I’m not really sure why….?’

They’re wearing old jeans and a t-shirt, slightly scruffy boots and chunky jumper. It’s almost exactly the same outfit I wear everyday. But why does theirs look so much better?

If you’ve ever been to Scandinavia you will have undoubtedly encountered this conundrum. It’s called the Scandi-style effect. They’re just all so damn stylish and this was basically what I was saying all weekend in Gothenburg.

Scandi style is relaxed and understated. It’s that ‘I woke up like this’ look which actually takes hours to perfect.

Another thing I’ve noticed about Scandinavians is this healthy glow they radiate. They’re not all tall and blonde (although a crazy amount are!) but they’re all lean, healthy and sporty looking.

This Scandi-style phenomenon seems to be a lifestyle. It’s healthy, active, easy-going and it isn’t taking itself too seriously.

Here are some of my favourite Scandinavian style bloggers…

Caroline’s Mode

This is mainly a series of streetstyle photos from Stockholm’s uber stylish locals.

Scandinavian bloggers

Lisa Place

I’m currently loving the posts from Morocco. Travel + fashion + fitness inspiration is a winner in my eyes. There are a few different bloggers/models part of this I’m Next group so it’s worth checking out a few.

Scandi fashion blogs to follow


It’s all about the details.

Scandi fashion and style

Angelica Strom

Food styling at its finest.

Scandinavian design blogs

Angelica Blick

I want her hair. And every single item in her wardrobe.

Scandi fashion blogs

Ulrikke Lund

This is almost all in Swedish but, let’s be honest, no one reads the words on a fashion blog. I love this girl’s ability to be a chameleon. She looks like a different person in each post.

Scandinavian fashion blogs

Bonjour Vintage

Vintage design and pretty things. What’s not to love?

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 13.23.18


Go straight to the travel section and you will not be disappointed. Apparently this is the biggest blog in Sweden!

Scandi style blogs

Isabelle Pedersen

Pretty pictures and Isabelle doesn’t seem to take herself as seriously as the other bloggers. Expect lots of smiles and colour.

Scandi style blogs to follow

Do you have any more Scandi style bloggers to add to the list?

 Come back tomorrow for a shopping and design tour in Gothenburg.

A design and shopping tour in Gothenburg, Sweden

Wednesday 19th of October 2016

[…] you saw yesterday’s post about Scandi style bloggers you will have seen I’m slightly obsessed with the laidback Scandinavian fashion. I was more than […]


Sunday 18th of September 2016

Thanks for the clues! I´m a fan of the scandinavian style, so I´ll research...


Sunday 25th of January 2015

Great piece, and beautiful blog! There is a definitive sense of style all over Scandinavia - the population here is very style conscious indeed.

I'm going to Stockholm next week - my hometown actually - and I haven't been for a long time. It's freezing at the moment - what to wear? Haha, guess I'll have to dig up some old fur and moon boots - I also have a trip up north closer to the weekend, and you can rest assured the temperature there would challenge any stylish blogger... I'll do my best! You can see the results, and more travels on my blog if you like :)

Xx Alexia


Wednesday 31st of December 2014

Can't say I've had this experience since I've never been to Scandinavia, but I know the feeling of someone pulling-it-off just right! Frustrating and inspiring all at once. Thanks for the new leads and inspiration, and happy New Years!

Christine | The Traveloguer

Thursday 11th of December 2014

Ooh these blogs look very addictive! Thanks for sharing. I've never thought to check out Scandanavian bloggers before, they look so cool :)


Thursday 11th of December 2014

They're SO cool. And I was the same. I didn't see the point in looking at a blog in a different language but with the help of Google Chrome translate it's fine.