That time I rode in the car from Back to the Future


If there are any Back to the Future geeks out there, you’ll know that 2015 is the year Marty visits the future.

It’s the second film, released in 1989, when he visits a world filled with flying cars and hover boards, weird fashions and Nike high-tops with automatic fastenings. Ahhh, if only we really had Nike high-tops with automatic fastenings…

It’s a special year for Back to the Future II fans but last year was a special year for me because I got to ride in a DeLorean used in the filming of Back to the Future!

OK, ‘ride’ might be a bit of an exaggeration. I got to perch awkwardly in the driver’s seat while holding a hover board from the film!

It was during my TrekAmerica trip last year and we’d stopped at a gas station somewhere between Las Vegas and Yosemite. I can’t remember where, I just remember we were all a bit sleepy and hungover.

Sam was the only one to get out of the van but 20 seconds later he came rushing back, shouting something incomprehensible about the future and a car. We began to turn and look and spotted a small crowd around the actual car from Back to the Future.

The guy who owned it ran a business buying vehicles from famous movies and displayed them at festivals, exhibitions and parties. He was so proud of the car and was more than happy to show it off and let us sit in the driver’s seat.

He even had Marty’s denim jacket and a hover board from the set, and the sun shield had been signed by members of the cast.


delorean from Back to the Future

Signed sun shield - delorean from Back to the future

DeLorean from Back to the Future II

DeLorean from Back to the Future | The Travel Hack

Hover board and DeLorean from Back to the Future II

DeLorean from Back to the Future 2

Moral of the story: You can even have a lot of fun at gas stations in the USA!

Last year I took the Westerner 2 tour with TrekAmerica and had the most incredible time.

You can see more of my TrekAmerica blog posts here.

  1. Rebecca 7 years ago

    Ahhh what an awesome surprise! Definitely a good example of one of those “only in America would this happen” moments!

  2. Leah 7 years ago

    OH MY GOD THE DELOREAN! I am totally obsessed with the BTTF movies. I love how totally 80s the hoverboard and denim jacket are…they kind of missed the mark on futuristic there but that’s what makes it hilarious!

  3. Ashleigh 7 years ago

    Wow, that’s so awesome you got to see it! I’m not a massive Back to the Future fan, but I can still appreciate how cool it would be to see the car.

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