‘Cave of Awe’ in Halong Bay


While sailing around Halong Bay we stopped off at a huge cave system in the limestone peaks. It is called the ‘Cave of Awe’ due to the expressions on visitors faces when they first enter the cave. It went on for miles and miles and was like a magical grotto from kid’s films. It was illuminated with all different coloured lights and there was a massive bat cave with thousands of tiny bats.

I was travelling with a basic point and shoot camera at the time so the photos don’t do it justice but here are some of the best:


Halong Bay view from the caves
  1. […] This ‘Cave of Awe’ from thetravelhack.com is pretty cool too.  She says ‘Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam’ – better check it out then. […]

  2. Mathew Duong 8 years ago

    Great post and amazing photos. How beautiful the cave is! Thanks for sharing with us.

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