An Ode to September

How old are you when you stop seeing September as the beginning of the school year? I still buy academic school year diaries because I can’t quite get out of this habit. Forget January, nothing new happens in January. January just gets colder, darker and more depressing. But September is full of new beginnings, fresh starts and exciting challenges.
New Year’s resolutions in January are pointless. You begin the year with a hangover and that diet you promised can only fail when you have half a tin of Quality Streets and a stocking full of sweets left to eat. The exercise regime goes straight out the window when you realise that there is no chance you’re going jogging in the snow. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s miserable so it’s no wonder New Year’s resolutions never stick. January is all about snuggling on the sofa with a blanket and a box of choccies. September, however, September is a different issue.
Since the age of four we have been programmed to think that September is the month of change. A fresh pencil case bursting with new ideas and thoughts, a stiffly ironed uniform that makes you smart and tidy for the first time all year and a brand new lunch box that is crammed with all your favourite treats.
I still have that same sense of anticipation and excitement in September. The long, lazy summer is over and my brain feels like it needs a workout. I’m ready for some good old fashioned hard work and September makes me want to get my teeth stuck into some new projects and really pull my socks up.
After three months of BBQs and boozing in a beer garden, my body is craving some healthy food and exercise and it’s still warm enough to brave the great outdoors with a jog. I’ve happily dusted off my gym membership and I’m raring to go.
So forget the new year because September is the month for resolutions, health kicks and boosts of energy that motivate you to do just about anything.
What’s your September resolution?
  1. ConfusedJulia 10 years ago

    >I love September, not least because it's my birthday month! It is a good month…the weather is (usually) still quite good, but it's getting wintery and there are good things around the corner – Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas!!

  2. TotalTravelBug 10 years ago

    >So true! October (my birthday month -yey!) is pretty good, then you have Bonfire Night and it's all cosy, then December is amazing with the build up to Christmas! January, February and March have to be the worst months of the year….

  3. Beverley - Pack Your Passport 10 years ago

    >I hadn't thought about September like this for years but you've totally made me change my mind! Even though we're not at school or uni anymore September can definitely still be a 'new-start' month.

    My September Resolutions are going to be blog-related! And you know of all my plans anyway 😛

    Great post pet 🙂

  4. Jaime 10 years ago

    >Wow I never thought of it like that. I guess september is the month to make resolutions and make the most of the year we have left. I think today marks 100 days till the end of the year… Kinda crazy.

  5. TotalTravelBug 10 years ago

    >Thanks lovely! My September resolutions are very similar! Need to get cracking on that but I don't want Total Travel Bug to be down for a few days 🙁

  6. TotalTravelBug 10 years ago

    >100 days! Wow, it'll be 2012 so soon!

  7. Maria Alexandra 10 years ago

    >This post is so awesome girl! I'm stealing that quote 😉 

    So answering your question: My September resolution is to have a brand-new website: New custom theme, new logo & even a caricature of myself for "branding" purposes. I am kicking off this digital nomad career!!! =D so thrilled yipeeee

  8. Maria Alexandra 10 years ago

    >Bonfire Night!? Whats that!? =D

  9. TotalTravelBug 10 years ago

    >Oh you're missing out Maria! It's a night on November 5th where we all come together and have a giant bonfire and burn a guy called Guy Fawkes (although we just make a dummy now!) and we eat toffee appples and watch fireworks. Actually it all sounds quite strange when I say it aloud…..

  10. TotalTravelBug 10 years ago

    >Woop woop. That sounds so exciting. Can't wait to see it! That's mine and Beverley's September resolution too. Looks like we'll all be working on our resolutions at the same time!

  11. Maria Alexandra 10 years ago

    >Omg where!? I wanna go!

  12. Katharina SKP 10 years ago

    >I´m all for September's new beginnings! New city, new flat, new gym… all falling into pieces! (oh, I've also started a diet! hehe). How's London treating you?

  13. TotalTravelBug 10 years ago

    >Haha, there's one in every village or town and people have them in their back gardens too!

  14. TotalTravelBug 10 years ago

    >Brilliant, I'm glad you're getting settled. I've started a new exercise regime too! Had to ditch the gym since moving though 🙁 I'm still loving London, not quite settled yet as I'm still on the hunt for a job but I'm sure I will be soon!

  15. Maria @ Cheeky Pink Tulip 10 years ago

    >My new year's resolution is to start taking at least one big trip every year.  Which is why I'm on the look out for some awesome travel blogs!

    Maria xx

  16. TotalTravelBug 10 years ago

    >That sounds like a pretty good resolution to me! Once I finish college I'm hoping to do the same!

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