Photo Journey: Paradise Found in Thailand

This week’s #Friday Photos come from the most amazing and relaxing place I’ve ever come across. We stumbled across these traditional A-frame bungalows in Koh Lanta and couldn’t resist staying for a night. This night inevitably turned into a week purely because the bungalows were so quaint and the beach was so amazingly beautiful.
Working away on my laptop. This became my office for the week.
The fishing boats head back in at sunset
The view from the bungalows


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  1. >Mark, I definitely have it written down somewhere within the piles of notebooks I brought back with me. As soon as I get chance to find it I'll let you know!

  2. Hi Christy. Unfortunately, I’ve been told that they’re gone. They were knocked down not long after I stayed there and will be replaced by a hotel. It’s so sad!

    These were the nicest bungalows I found and cost about £8 a night I think. This was for a basic bungalow and wifi was available but not included in the price. The lady gave us a free hour every time we bought a round of beers though which was nice! Needless to say we drank a lot of beer and spent a lot of time on the internet!

    There are similar bungalows in the area but none quite as nice.

    1. Kevin – I was there for 3 months and have to find a way to pay the bills. I’d rather work from this gorgeous bungalow in Thailand than be stuck in a cubicle, saving my pennies for a 2 week holiday.

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