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My favourite budget summer beauty buys

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

As a travel blogger I’m really lucky to be sent gorgeous travel related beauty products to test out. It’s great – who wouldn’t want to try out fancy new products that I’d never be able to buy myself!?

But, realistically, I rarely feature them on the blog because I’d never recommend to you guys to go out and spend £100 on a face serum. I’m all about spending £100 on a bargain flight, not on a tiny tube of ‘miracle cream’. I’m totally shooting myself in the foot right now because this blog post probably means I’ll stop getting those lovely, expensive beauty products but a blogger’s got to be honest, right?

So today I’d like to share some of my favourite beauty products. The ones I actually use and love and have been using for years and buy again and again. None of them cost more than a tenner and can all be picked up at your local Boots – or if you’re anything like me – the Boots at the airport as you’re rushing through in a panic because you’ve forgotten everything.

Here are my favourite budget summer beauty buys. I’d love to hear about your staple beauty products too so let me know in the comments below!


Nivea lotion

I have so many fancy tubs of body butters and moisturisers that all promise to make my skin baby smooth and leave me smelling like a rose garden or a candy shop or a fruit bowl. They’re all nice but this has been my go-to moisturiser since I was about 10. The bog standard Nivea Lotion that’s super moisturising, easy to apply and doesn’t smell like a 5 year old girl.

I have really really dry skin so this is an essential in the winter but it gives my skin a nice glow in the summer too.


Baby Oil

Like I said above, my skin is so dry I have to moisturise but I’m also really lazy and often can’t be bothered. On those days, I’ll use baby oil. Slap it on when you’re still damp from the shower and it keeps your skin soft all day. Don’t put it on dry skin or you’ll be an oily mess!

Travel Hack Tip: For a really good body scrub, mix baby oil with a table spoon of salt or sugar. I discovered this while I was backpacking and I’d take a few sugar sachets from cafes and mix it with baby oil. It’s also good for removing makeup so it’s a handy one to travel with!


Baptiste Dry Shampoo

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

Of course, this has to make the budget beauty buys list as it’s a favourite for most ladies. Hair can get a bit greasier in the summer and it’s also a pain blow drying and styling your hair when it’s hot, so I try and go as long as I can between washes and dry shampoo really helps! I also use it on clean hair to give it a bit of volume.


Piz Buin Face Cream 50+

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

I use this face suncream when I’m skiing in the winter and when I’m on the beach in the summer. It’s a bit thick and greasy for everyday use but you need it if you’re having an all-dayer on the beach.


Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect 50+

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

If you hate sunscreen, this one is for you!

Once you’ve applied it you can’t even tell you’ve got it on so you don’t have that horrible sticky feeling. It’s also great for kids because it’s quick to apply and if you’re on the beach you don’t get really sandy. We also use a cheap one from Aldi but I swear it’s an actual sand magnet.

I also like the aerosol sunscreens but they work out quite expensive because you lose most of the product as it sprays away in the wind. If you are looking for a cheap aerosol sunscreen, try the one from Primark. It’s £4 and I used it while we were in Turkey when it was 35 degrees every day and I didn’t get burnt at all. You will need a couple of cans for a 1 week holiday because it doesn’t last long.


Soleve Sunburn Relief

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

Each year I get a little bit better about applying sunscreen and not getting burnt (I’ll finally crack it when I’m about 60!) but I still do get the odd spot of sunburn. It’s usually the early evenings that get me – I completely forget that I should still be applying sunscreen at 5pm!

If I do get mild mild burn I use Soleve Sunburn Relief. It contains containing ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory painkiller, and isopropyl myristate, a moisturiser to help with the discomfort.



Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

I like this fake tan because it’s so easy to apply. It’s an aerosol that develops in two hours so it’s great if you’re not organised enough for one that develops overnight.

Note: This isn’t absolutely perfect so I find it’s good when you already have a base tan and you’re just adding to that tan. It wouldn’t be good on very pale skin as you might see the odd patch.


Veet Hair Removal Cream

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

I’d love to be the kind of person who books themselves in for monthly leg waxing sessions but I never get around to it. I used to use Veet years ago and completely forgot about it (they changed their name to Nair for a few years and it put me off!) until I spotted it on offer in Boots at the start of the summer. I grabbed a few bottles while it was cheap and now I’m back in love with it.

It’s so easy! You just slather it on and wait a few minutes and then scrape it off and you’ve got silky smooth legs. It lasts a little bit longer than shaving and I find it much easier and I’m less likely to miss patches or get shaving rash.


Garnier Micellar Gel Wash

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

You’ve probably tried to the micellar cleansing water which is another favourite but this gel wash is new so I thought I’d mention it! If you’re a fan of the water then you’ll like this too. It’s cheap and removes make-up and sunscreen quickly and easily. You’ll still be left with panda eyes so you’ll want the cleansing water on hand too!


No7 Protect and Perfect BB Facial Sun Protection

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

This is a new one for me and I love it. It’s a factor 50 BB cream and is great for summer days. The coverage is light but lovely if you have a bit of a tan and don’t want to wear thick foundation.


Carmex Moisture Plus

My favourite budget summer beauty buys

I love this moisturising lip balm with a tint of red. Other tinted lip balms smudge off straight away but this colour stays put and your lips won’t dry out in the sun.


Bonus item

Benefit Coralista Blush

This is the nicest blusher when you’ve got a tan. It’s a lovely coral colour with a tiny sparkle in it so you have a glow without looking like a teenager covered in glitter! At £25.50 I’m not sure it should be on the budget beauty list but it’s worth splashing out on.


Those are my favourite budget summer beauty buys that I buy again and again. What are your favourites?