Be so busy being awesome you don’t have time for all the criticism

This blog post isn’t aimed at anyone or anything in particular, more at a one thing I’ve been noticing from lots of people recently. And that thing is criticism.

I know it’s ironic that I’m criticising people for criticising people but hear me out here because I feel like it’s everywhere and it’s totally unnecessary because, really, why does anyone give a shit about what anyone else is doing?

I’ve had this post sat in my drafts for a while now and it felt appropriate to post it today after the horrific news in Manchester. It makes you realise that life is short and life is precious. We should really just make the most of life, appreciate what we have, do what makes us happy and enjoy the time we have together. Let’s not criticise or put anyone down, accept that everyone is different and know there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to life your life.


Among the travel bloggers

I’ve read so many blog posts recently by bloggers criticising others for doing things differently. Some bloggers write too many listicles, some bloggers post too many photos and not enough information, some don’t interact with the locals enough when they travel, some spend too much money on posh hotels and not enough time eating street food and taking photos of homeless people.

And the biggest criticism of all – some bloggers look too pretty when they travel.

Shock horror. How dare they look pretty!

I’m not the type of traveller who gets dressed up while I travel. I tried to do this for a little while but it’s just way too much effort for my liking. But if someone else wants to wear nice clothes and do their make-up while they’re travelling then who am I to argue?

But, more importantly, why the hell would I care?

It appears that the bloggers who criticise the ‘pretty travellers of Instagram’ may actually be a little bit intimidated by people who are younger and more attractive than themselves? Hmm, harsh but just a thought.

But rather than bitching about someone who makes an effort with their appearance, why not take all that negative energy and put it into something positive? Put it into being the best damn blogger you can possibly be. Be creative and try new things and create content you’re so proud of you don’t need to feel threatened by some blogger in a pretty dress.


Among the travellers

One thing I really hate is when people criticise others for their travel style.

If someone likes to travel on a budget and manages to make their money go further then that’s awesome. It’s equally awesome if someone saves all their money and then splashes out on the most extravagant holiday you could imagine. I’m partial to both types of holiday and everything in between too.

There is no right or wrong way to travel and if we all wanted exactly the same thing then we’d have a problem. Travellers don’t fit into cookie cutter moulds because we’re all so different and want different things from our holidays.

As long as no one is being harmed then why does it matter if someone travels differently? Don’t sneer at someone for staying in a budget hostel and don’t criticise someone for spending a lot of money on a luxury hotel because, at the end of the day, they’re not spending your money so why does it matter?


Among the mums

I see it among the mums I hang out with too  – most of whom are gorgeous, amazing ladies who I love to spend time with – but you do get the odd one who loves a bit of bitchy criticism.

The conversations go a little like this:

“Oh em gee, have you seen that Lisa is weaning Tia? She’s not even 6 months old yet, can you believe it!?”

I have to remove myself from these conversations because I have nothing to say about whether or not Tia is eating mush or milk. As long as Tia and her mum and dad are both happy and healthy then why does anyone care what she’s being fed? I certainly don’t. I care about Tia’s wellbeing but not what she had for breakfast!


So there’s my rant of the week. Do you see any criticisms you don’t agree with?



Monica is the founder and editor of The Travel Hack. She began the blog in 2009 when she left the UK to travel around Asia and Australia for two years. She's now a full time blogger and has travelled around the world in search of the best holidays. Monica lives in Wales with her growing family and now also blogs about travelling with young children!


  • May 23, 2017

    I totally agree with you. The world, the online world in particular, would be a better place if we could find things to praise instead of criticize. One thing about writing, texting and other forms of non-verbal communication is that it can be very hard to interpret tone and intent. If I question a person’s motives or passions, I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt, because what we see online is just a small picture of that person’s life, personality and beliefs. And why waste time spreading negative energy?? If you don’t like something or disagree, why not just quit following that blogger? Or keep your mouth shut for a kinder world?

  • May 23, 2017

    Thank you Monica! Can completely get behind this post! It irritates me so much when people criticise other people (and usually behind their backs) about really stupid things, or make other people inferior for their life choices. I went on a package holiday to Austria a few years ago and had the best time ever, but to some travelling friends really felt like I had to defend my decision and what I did whilst there just because I hadn’t arranged everything myself. I always thought of blogging as a really supportive community but I’ve seen more and more recently to contradict this opinion – why can’t everyone just accept everyone for who they are?!

  • May 24, 2017

    Thank you for this awesome read! I’m just entering the travel blog field and I’m already picking up on the differing options about how it should go. I’m a big believer in embracing what everyone has to offer, in whatever way they see fit! Too pretty, or not, haha.

    Juliette |

  • May 24, 2017

    Great post , and timely too , this is all new to me so good to get a heads up as to what I’m letting myself in for 🙂

  • May 24, 2017

    I have a theory about criticism and for the most part I think I t stems from jealousy. If you are being criticised I think it’s generally an indication you are being successful and in Britain that seems to cause a lot of envy and jealousy, rather than inspiration.

  • MG
    May 24, 2017

    I loved this post – completely resonated with me! Everyone is different, we all have different likes and needs. Criticism is so unnecessary and also so negative! I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of “hoo-ha” about what “real” travel writing is… Another criticism to add to the list 😉

  • May 25, 2017

    I guess I am one of the bloggers you are criticizing in your post because I just wrote a post where – if you put it that simple – I complain about bloggers looking too pretty. I even admit that part of it stems from my own insecurities. However, a big part is simply a question. To my readers – does it work and why is that something you want to see? And also, are you still happy with the content that I provide?
    I also think especially as women it is a conversation that has merit beyond simply complaining or bashing someone else – when have gone back to solely defining ourselves through our looks, by how good we look in a bikini and where are all the other women who are not a size 2 and blonde.
    As a blogger I think the conversation has merit because where do we draw the line between aspiration and being relatable for our readers.
    So while I get your overall point and I to live according to it in my personal life – not my circus, not my monkeys I call it – as a blogger I like to write about other stuff sometimes that goes beyond fluffy hotel robes or where to spend the least amount of money for a meal. If that gets critiqued in return – you already admitted the irony – I can live with that too 😉

  • Elle Croft
    May 25, 2017

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said – at the end of the day, whether I personally agree with what someone else is doing or not (or whether or not I’d do it myself), if no one is being hurt by their actions, does it really affect me? The answer is almost 100% no. Sometimes I find myself getting a bit ‘oh you can only be successful if you wear bikinis on Instagram’ but even I know that’s a lie. You’re so right – we should all just focus on being the best – then there’s no time for comparison or criticism!

  • May 30, 2017

    Although anyone who criticises “beg-backers” are fine with with me though! It really doesn’t sit right when privileged Western travellers are begging on the streets in SE Asia just so they can save up the money to do a bungy jump!

  • May 31, 2017

    And big game hunters? I agree – let people be people as long as they’re not hurting/ offending anyone else. I guess it’s in the nature of blogging and social media that ‘school gate’ type gossip is easy – it’s instant so people can say things without really thinking them through. And they might think that being controversial is good for audience figures. I’ve not found it so much on Instagram tho – is that the ‘friendly’ platform!?

  • June 2, 2017

    Thank you!! I first saw a post on Girls Love Travel page on facebook about a woman criticizing other women that go hiking, through the desert, or basically physical terrain while looking amazing basically. She got shut down pretty quickly, thankfully, because the page is supposed to uplift women. I’m sure you’ve heard of it if you’re not already in the group. Thank you for posting this. I love seeing like minds that aren’t judging someone else for their style. I love this post!

  • July 12, 2017

    Thank you for writing this. This is something we experience every day, I believe that the world would be a better place to be, if we could just accept people for being who they are, and not always being critisising and demean what others are doing.
    I enjoy reading blogposts, because there are so many inspiring peoole out there, but there are also a lot of bloggers that i wont follow because they don’t add value to my life.
    Keep up the good work you are doing here

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