Decorating a travel themed child’s bedroom



One of my favourite rooms in our whole house to decorate has been George’s room. It made me weirdly sad that I wasn’t able to decorate a nursery while I was pregnant as we were living with my parents while we renovated our own house. I guess it was that nesting instinct kicking in but I had nowhere to direct those nesting instincts.

Now that it’s done, I’m actually glad I had to wait. I would have chosen cute, neutral and babyish decor and already George seems like he’d be too old for that. He’s nearly 10 months and is quickly starting to feel more like a little boy than a baby.

Before I begin, here’s a little remind of what George’s room looked like this time last year!

House renovation

House renovation

The window to the left is George’s room and to the right is the bathroom


House renovation

George was 6 months old by the time we moved into our new house so we went straight for a little boy’s travel themed bedroom.

Decorating a travel themed child’s bedroom

Travel themed decor

Cheeky monkey

Decorating a travel themed child’s bedroom



George blocks

map of the world wallpaper for a child's bedroom

The star of the show is obviously this wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper. Isn’t it amazing!? It’s the Explorer Kids World Map Mural and I’m not sure who loves it more, us or George.

The furniture is all Mammas and Pappas but I found this set secondhand from eBay.

Decorating a travel themed child’s bedroom

This part of the room is a bit of a random shape because there was originally an airing cupboard here. My dad created this space the perfect size for a child’s bed by stealing a bit of space from the staircase – one of the perks of knocking all your walls down before you move in! As soon as George is big enough for ‘a big boy bed’ my dad will make one with draws beneath it to fit in this space. Very clever!

The Travel Hack

This photo was displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London on Father’s Day. It was an awesome project by Photobox and Sam and I were both so proud to have been involved. This photo now takes pride of place in George’s room.

Decorating a travel themed child’s bedroom

We’ve had this gorgeous sheepskin rug since George was born and it’s so soft and fluffy – I think every baby bedroom needs one of these! It was lovely when he was rolling and learning to crawl and it also makes a nice backdrop for photos. It’s the Baby Sheepskin from SnugRugs.

Animal blind

My mum made this blind using material we found at Abakahn.


Ideas for a travel themed kid’s bedroom

My next plan is to create a mini gallery on the wall above George’s cot. I found these 30 free printables on Little Gold Pixels so I’d just need to get some cheap frames from somewhere like Ikea or the supermarket. There are also loads of cheap printables on Etsy such as this one.

Kid's adventure wall gallery

Kid, you'll move mountains.ABC map blocks


ABC Map blocks

Kid's name wall sticker

Airplane name sticker

Map bunting

Map bunting

Map cushionsMap cushions

  1. Nicky 6 years ago

    Love it! So much for him to look at! The house is looking amazing.

  2. Natasha 6 years ago

    Love what you did for him. Can not wait to see what else you reveal – it looks lovely !

  3. Anne 6 years ago

    I am so jealous of George right now. I want that wallpaper for my office. It is too cool! Funnily enough my stepdaughter bought me a travel cushion very similar to those though for Christmas and I love it!

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Gorgeous, I love those cushions! And you’ve got me thinking – our spare bedroom is actually way bigger than George’s bedroom so if he ever asks for a room upgrade, he room would make a lovely little office! I was dreading the day he realised he had an unfairly small room but now I’m actually looking forward to it 😉

  4. That wall is amazing! Your lucky baby 😉

    Lisa – German Travelblogger

  5. Stella 6 years ago

    The wallpaper is the best idea I’ve ever seen in a kids room.
    Everytime I look before/after photos from your home I’m amazed by the progress.
    It must have been exhausting renovating the house.
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      It really was! And I feel bad saying that because I didn’t do any of the work (being pregnant and having a tiny baby gets you out of it!) but there was a stage when I just thought it would never be finished. Sam was amazing, he worked on it every single day after work for 6 months and then all weekend, every weekend. He’s now planning what to do with the garden – poor guy!

  6. Janice Stringer 6 years ago

    Hi Monica,
    I would love this – not for the kids but for my bedroom. You’ve given me an idea 😉

  7. These are absolutely gorgeous – I was gutted to have to say no when we were offered one of the mural wallpapers for my daughter’s room (the perils of renting) but I would adore something from their range again one day. We’re just redoing her room now so this gives me lots of ideas for new travel themed bits and bobs…

  8. […] If you’re looking for a child’s alternative, check out the one Monica has put in her son’s bedroom: Decorating a child’s travel themed bedroom. […]

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