I’m a millionaire for a day! #24hrMillionaire


Update: The votes are in and I’m going to Paris for the day. If you have any suggestions for things to see and do in Paris with a big budget, please do let me know!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to share this post. This is so surreal and also a dream come true because next week I’m going to have the most amazing 24 hours. Let me start at the beginning….


Did you know that if you won £1 million you’d have £2,739.72 per day for one year!!?

Imagine that, an entire year filled with epic days, enormous shopping sprees, extravagant meals, 5* hotels and amazing holidays. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

I know I’m not alone in buying Lotto tickets and genuinely thinking I’m going to win. Every time I play I start planning my adventures and deciding how I’d share it with my friends and family.

It’s become a popular game during long road trips and sleepless nights. It’s the ‘What Will you Buy First when you Win the Jackpot’ game, and it never gets old.

So when I received an email from The National Lottery asking if I’d like the chance to be a millionaire for the day, I really couldn’t refuse!

Yes, that really happened. An email pinged into my inbox asking if I’d be interested in living like a millionaire for 24 hours.

As you can imagine, my immediate response was to begin skipping and dancing around the house like a loon. Once I was suitably out of breath I began imagining where I could go and what I could do in my 24 hours as a millionaire until I got all excited again and the skipping and dancing commenced  once again. I’m seriously having to stop myself from skipping and dancing as I write this email because I’m so excited.

I’ve been given this amazing opportunity as a way to celebrate the fact that every Wednesday in May there’s an extra chance to become a millionaire with Lotto thanks to an additional £1m prize on the raffle (on top of the usual jackpot!) 

Now it’s time to decide what I’m going to do for 24 hours with over £2,700 and I’d like you to help me choose.

My millionaire lifestyle will begin at 7.30pm on Tuesday 19th May and end at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th in time for that week’s Lotto draw when someone’s ticket will make them a millionaire for real.

I haven’t been abroad since I was 26 weeks pregnant with George so I’m desperate to get on a plane and travel! I’m thinking a city break with a 5* hotel, a big shopping spree, some luxury experiences and, of course, there will be some surprises for you guys too!

Out of these cities, which do you think would be the best to visit as a millionaire?

  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Barcelona

Let me know which city you think I should visit and tell me how you’d spend £2,739.72 in 24 hours!

This will all be happening on May 19th and 20th and I’ll be sharing my trip on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #24hrMillionaire.




  1. Daisy 6 years ago

    That’s so exciting! I’m going to say….Berlin – mostly because it’s somewhere I really want to go to and would love to see your photos from the trip.

  2. Manasi Kumar 6 years ago

    Berlin I think! It’s less obvious than the other 2 for millionaires, but I bet they know how to live it up. Mind you, Paris has Chanel. Hmmm decisions.

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      It would be cool to find some of the luxury things to do in Berlin – like you say, it’s much less obvious.

  3. Grace 6 years ago

    Sod those….I’m thinking Cannes, Monaco, St Tropes!
    Have an amazing time!!!

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Now Monaco would be a good one! The only problem is that I only have 24 hours and some destinations won’t work with flights and timings. Maybe I need a private jet….

  4. Sarah Shumate 6 years ago

    Amazing! I’m so excited to watch what you do! I’d pick Barcelona only because it’s somewhere I’ve never been and….SUN! 🙂 Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Europe, though, so I’m sure you’d have a blast there, too!

  5. Jayne 6 years ago

    Amazing!! It has to be Paris. I would pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw and stay in a suite at the Plaza Athenee and head to Dior for a shopping spree (hopefully not falling over in the doorway!)

  6. Renee 6 years ago

    BERLIN! Because that’s where we met! 🙂 Have fun love.

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Aww it was! Such fun times. It would be fun to see Berlin with a bigger budget than on a budget walking tour!

  7. Julia 6 years ago

    This is amazing! Can’t wait to see how you spend it. Maybe Italy? Definitely some shopping and an amazing dinner with champers 🙂

  8. Jen 6 years ago

    It’s got to be Paris … I can imagine exquisite boutique hotels, luxury spas, amazing Parisian Fashion houses.

    Looking forward to watching your rich adventure xx

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      You’ve just nailed it Jen. That sounds like my dream day.

  9. Hayley | Lovepuffin Travel Blog 6 years ago


    This is SO exciting!!! OK, so I would go to Barcelona and hire a massive yacht and some sexy Spanish men to wear tiny shorts and feed me grapes all morning.

    Lunchtime I’d sip cava and eat tapas by the street, and then hit Avenida Diagonal and buy some diamonds.

    THEN I would head to a top restaurant with killer views, like Dos Cielos or somewhere and just stare out of the window with a bloody great smile on my face!

    Enjoy your day! Such an exciting idea!!

    • Elle Croft 6 years ago

      Oooh, yes to the yacht!

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      That sounds amazing! And it sounds like you’ve thought about this already! 😉

  10. Daisy lucker 6 years ago

    You lucky thing!! I’d go for Paris or Barcelona, but I think Paris would be more enjoyable with such money. Have an amazing time.

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Thanks Daisy! It would be a dream come true to go nuts in Paris with lots of cash.

  11. Wow! Super exciting!

    You were in Paris not too long ago, so I’d scrap that one. Barcelona is one of my favourite cities and there are some gorgeous hotels/apartments there. Plus, sunshine, the beach, amazing food….the list goes on. I got engaged in Barcelona so I’d love to see some more pics of the city. Are you taking George with you? I’m sure he’d vote Barcelona too 😉 x

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      How romantic!
      No, George is staying at home with his dad and grandma. They’re all very jealous! Vicky Flip Flop is coming along with me so I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun (and lots of phone calls to check Georgie is OK!)

  12. Arianwen 6 years ago

    Nice one Mon! That sounds amazing and, dare I say it, a little stressful! Better make sure you plan well so you get your money’s worth! I’d go for Barcelona out of those three 🙂 Have fun!

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      It might be a little stressful actually, you’re right! I think I’ll end up with a detailed itinerary to make sure it’s an amazing 24 hours.

  13. Hannah 6 years ago

    WOW! How exciting!

    Surely Paris for shopping/expensive dinner and luxurious hotel? Although I’d be tempted by Barcelona too – I’m sure there’s enough to spend your money on there.

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      Yes, Paris was my first thought too. It ticks all the boxes for luxury and shopping and amazing experiences. And it’s so close to home so it’s perfect for the 24 hour experience.

  14. Elle Croft 6 years ago

    Well, this is fun! As if you could stop the skipping & jumping to write this post 🙂
    Go to Paris! It’s such a great city, made so much better if you have money to burn. The Four Seasons there is incredible if you’re looking for a 5* hotel to indulge in! Can’t wait to read all about your day as a millionaire x

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      I’ve just been looking at the Four Seasons, it looks a-mazing. I’ve also been looking at The Shangri-la but I think that might be a little bit out of my budget 🙁

  15. Josie 6 years ago

    WOW what a fantastic opportunity! I’d have to say Barcelona – such a beautiful place!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      I’ve never been to Barcelona so I am tempted. But that could make it difficult with just 24 hours as I’d spend half my time finding my way around. Decisions, decisions!

  16. Wow – how amazing!! I think all three cities would be amazing but for a day of living the champagne lifestyle I just don’t think you can go past Paris. I’m picturing the amazing boutique hotel, the fabulous shopping and of course the incredible food – and champagne! Can’t wait to follow your day, wherever you end up 🙂

  17. Megan Jowdry 6 years ago

    What a dream come true! I don’t know a lot about Berlin so I think that would be my vote. I would like to see what it is like to be there as a millionaire. Have a wonderful time spending your money!

  18. dave 6 years ago

    I’d rule out shopping spree- too low a budget. With chauffeur 5* hotel, first class flight and Michelin star dining you may be short on cash. Paris is the chic place to do it. Don’t forget you only book via a concierge service live Amex travel.

  19. Natasha 6 years ago

    It would have to Paris – everytime – have fun !

  20. Lula Belle 6 years ago

    I think Paris get’s my vote!

    The cuisine, cocktails, fashion, beauty, spas, culture & glamorous parties all wrapped up in a whirl wind 24hr trip – sounds like heaven!

    Have fun x

  21. How incredible! Any would be amazing but I think Paris would be such a great place to swank around.

  22. Lianna 6 years ago

    I’d definitely travel as well! If it were me, I’d choose the city that I’d most been hankering to visit or wanted to go back to! Can you donate some of the money to charity, too? Nepal is really suffering, along with many many other places.

  23. Erin 6 years ago

    You’re crazy if you pick anything other than Paris. Your destination has to be a place where living it up big has big advantages and would be way too far out of reach for you in any other circumstance. Paris is the way to go.

  24. A millionaire for a day? Cool! Pick Paris. Parisians certainly know how to live well – and rich :-).

  25. Scarlett 6 years ago

    Oh this is so cool! I definitely think Paris!! x

  26. Emily 6 years ago

    Oh my god! What a ridiculously awesome opportunity! I can’t wait to see the pictures and read all about it. Which location is going to offer you all that you want to cram into 24 hours as a millionaire? Amazing location, impeccable food and drink, world class shopping..? Champagne all day, and the rest will just figure itself out 🙂

  27. Lela 6 years ago

    Oh Monica I am green with envy – what an amazing opportunity! My vote from those cities is Barcelona (based on my friend’s recent experience) but I’m sure any spot will be incredible with such a budget!


  28. Wendy 6 years ago

    I’d say Paris. As this city is quite expensive to visit, you would now be able to experience it without having to avoid the lovely terraces on the Seine, enjoying the appartment/hotel with an Eiffeltower view… etcetera. Berlin and Barcelona would both be do-able with such activities on an ordinary day with an ordinary budget 😉

  29. Tink Jayne 6 years ago

    I really want to go to Barcelona, so I’m going to go with that!
    Think of the sun, the shops, the sangria, oh the fun you will have! 🙂
    Tres Jealous – I’d be happy winning £200 to spend, in fact even a £20 note would do me quite nicely 🙂
    HAPPY MILLIONARING (just made up a word)
    x tink x

  30. Louisa Jackley 6 years ago

    Paris for sure! Wow that would be amazing!!!

  31. Meredith 6 years ago

    Paris. Hands down.

  32. Rachel 6 years ago

    Congratulations Monica! What an exciting prospect! You’d be hard pressed to spend this amount of money in Berlin in only one day — it’s such a cheap city! I’d go to Paris for all its delights <3


  33. Polly 6 years ago

    Definitely go for Berlin – there are loads of ways to live like a millionaire there! You could do some designer shopping at The Corner (super-cool boutique) and stay in the Adlon Kempinski Hotel, which is right by the Brandenburg Gate.

  34. Ania 6 years ago

    I would say Barcelona. The city has an amazing atmosphere, great food and wine and is on the water. I would stay at the W Barcelona Hotel, get a treatment at the Bliss Spa and then hit the stores for some well deserved Retail Therapy. And of course do not forget the amazing restaurants!

    By the way – I am a travel consultant based in NYC (until recently I was a very unhappy attorney and thanks to blogs like yours, I finally had the nerve to quit and change my life – now I am starting my career in travel consulting) and would love to work with you on this trip! Feel free to email me at any time.

  35. Cynthia 6 years ago

    oh man, PARIS, hands down. Living the luxurious life in Paris is wayyyy more expensive there than in the other cities, so I feel like going to Berlin would be squandering it, almost! Live the good life in Paris 😀

  36. tom 6 years ago

    Awesome this is going to be amazing cant wait to follow along……..but NOT Paris your money will go further in Barcelona or Berlin 😀

  37. Yasmin 6 years ago

    Congrats! Whatever you choose, choose wisely and plan well, do some research. 24 hours fly by quick! I would balance it with an unforgettable experience and one very special item to remember this unique trip!

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      That’s such a good point, the day is going to fly by! And I like your spending tips, an amazing experience and something special sound perfect.

  38. Cynthia 6 years ago

    I’d say Berlin just because one doesn’t normally think of it as a luxury destination, so it’d be exiting to see it from that perspective!
    Good luck and enjoy!

  39. Robert 6 years ago

    Firstly, congratulations!! That’s such an amazing opportunity. Secondly, although I’d like to visit Berlin as it’s the only one of the 3 cities you listed I’ve not been to, I think Paris would be most suitable for a millionaire lifestyle. Paris has the most amazing hotels, shopping, restaurants. I’d definitely go for Paris.

  40. Tiffany 6 years ago

    I think it would easy to spend it in Paris but like everyone else has been saying Berlin is the less obvious one. It could be so fun researching the luxurious things to do there and you might even experience something surprising and different.

  41. Cherie City 6 years ago

    Paris is definitely the place to drop some £££. I’d stay at Le Bristol/Plaza Athenee, have dinner at Monsieur Bleu, afternoon tea at Peninsula Paris, cocktails at Hotel Costes and a shopping spree at Colette or L’Eclaireur. Can’t wait to see how you spend it.

  42. Elisa 6 years ago

    I’d say Paris – where else can one enjoy the best of haute couture and gourmet dining? No trouble spending your daily quota there 😉

    What a fun experiment! Have a great time!

  43. Wow, what an amazing experience you’re going to have! Enjoy Paris!

  44. Lucy 6 years ago

    I think up the most ridiculously lavish things I would do as a millionnaire almost every time I buy a lottery ticket (I’m sure I’m not alone). What an amazing opportunity.. I see that Paris won! (great choice) Hope you’re having fun!!

  45. Jason 6 years ago

    Hi Monica, I would suggest Malta in Europe! I follow your blog and I’m curious to know if you ever plan to visit my home country in the Mediterranean 🙂

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