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Introducing Yonderbound: The Pinterest of the hotel booking world

Introducing Yonderbound: The Pinterest of the hotel booking world

Today I’d like to introduce you to a new hotel booking site, Yonderbound.

I know, I know. There are so many hotel booking websites out there already, why would you consider using another?

Trust me, this new one is worth taking a look at.

Yonderbound Review

Yonderbound is somewhere between a regular booking website and Pinterest (and you all know how much I love Pinterest!)

You can create Yonderboxes which are similar to Pinterest boards and pin hotels into your boxes. If you’re travelling to Bali, for example, you might start pinning different hotels in Bali you think you’ll want to stay in. This can be really fun if you’re a travel planning junkie like me and it’s great if you’re planning a big trip so you can keep all your accommodation options in once place.

Then when you’re ready to book, all of your hotel options are there in your boxes for you to easily find.

One of my favourite things about the Yonderboxes is that you can view other people’s boxes. Basically, someone else could do all the hard work and hotel research for you. Use other people’s Yonderboxes for advice and inspiration and trusted reviews.

Yonderboxes on Yonderbound | Review by The Travel Hack

Finding budget hotels in London is tough so I’m loving being able to search the Yonderboxes.

 There is an advantage to creating great Yonderboxes and that’s the potential to earn Yondercredit. If someone books a hotel after finding it through your Yonderbox, you’ll be credited with 70% of the net revenue which will go into your account as Yondercredit.

You can make recommendations to friends and family and make your Yonderboxes public so anyone can see them. Make lots of recommendations and you could potentially get a big chunk off your next hotel stay.

What is Yonderbound?

Find out more about Yondercredit here.

A few other things I’m loving about Younderbound

 Yonderbound Bali

It’s linked to TripAdvisor

You can read TripAdvisor reviews directly on Yonderbound so there’s no flicking back and to.


Prices include taxes and fees

The price you see is the price you get. There’s no getting to the checkout and suddenly having to pay an extra 22%


It’s great for travel bloggers and making recommendations

If you’re a blogger or a frequent traveller I’m sure you’re often asked for hotel suggestions. I’m asked all the time so Yonderbound is the perfect place to put these recommendations together. No more lengthy emails, just a quick link to your Yonderbox!


How’s it looking price-wise?

Of course, price is the most important factor when you finally make that booking. I’ve spent A LOT of time comparing Yonderbound to other hotel booking sites. The majority of the time there isn’t much (if any difference) in prices but a lot of the time Yonderbound is cheaper by £5-£20 per night.


I’m so pleased Yonderbound performs on the price as well as the planning side. It’s good to finally find a site for travel planning and inspiration but it’s also a great place to actually book your hotel stays too.


Lots of choice

Yonderbound currently has 383,693 properties worldwide and these range from 5* hotels to hostels. Perfect for any type of traveller or if you’re like me and regularly switch between budget and luxury travel.

Yonderbound Review on The Travel Hack

Lots of options to view and narrow your search


Anything I don’t like?

Yonderbound is a new site (it’s still in the BETA phase) so there are a few creases to be ironed out. A few hotels are duplicated and sometimes hotels appear in your search that are outside your search area.


Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Yonderbound but, like all partnerships on The Travel Hack, I do not endorse any brands, websites or products I haven’t fully tested and love.


Tuesday 13th of January 2015

Hi Monica How do you find accommodation when you don't know where you want to go? For example, planning a walking holiday in Albania, I'm looking for group accommodation for about 12 people. Hostel booking sites need the name of a town or city, whereas actually finding good 'walkers' accommodation (i.e., cheap with cooking facilities) anywhere in Albania would influence our choices. Any suggestions?


Tuesday 13th of January 2015

I think this is just one of those things that takes time. Having said that, Albania is fairly small and accommodation for 12 people will be limited so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

When looking on hostel booking sites, there are only 8 options for destinations within Albania and from what I can tell there are actually only 14 hostels in Albania so it won't take long to scan through all the hostels and pick out a few you like the look of and then research what the walking is like in that area.

If you go onto a site like Holiday Lettings and narrow your search to 12 people in Albania you actually only have 4 options -

In a way, you're lucky that you actually don't have that many options. Once you've selected a handful within your price range it won't take long to research the location of each to see what the walking in the area is like.

Good luck!