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Reintroducing the lost art of sending postcards with Postsnap

Reintroducing the lost art of sending postcards with Postsnap

When was the last time you received a postcard?

Go on, wrack your brains and think about it.

I was about nine years old and it came from my neighbours who were on holiday in Spain. They sent the postcard because I was looking after their cat while they were away and I have a feeling it was subtle reminder to feed Mr Whiskers.

None the less, I loved getting that postcard. It felt like a little slice of their holiday had been mailed out to me from an exotic location. I could imagine them writing it while sat next to the pool or on the beach and I could almost smell the sweet scent of sun cream and salty waves. They would have been drinking sangria and soaking up the glorious sun as they signed off with a, ‘Wish you were here…’


postsnap-reviewreintroducing-the-lost-art-of-sending-postcardsNo one sends postcards these days and I think it’s a real shame. Uploading a hundred photos to Facebook or Instagram just isn’t the same. Yes, we all feel insane jealously of the #HolidaySpam but it doesn’t have the same personal touch.

A postcard isn’t just about making someone feel jealous, it’s about taking the time to say, ‘I’m thinking of you while I’m away and I really do wish you were here. Oh, and look how insanely gorgeous it is, I’m in paradise!! #SorryNotSorry’

When I went backpacking for two years way back in 2009 I started off with great intentions about sending postcards. I sent them to my parents from Hong Kong then Thailand, Cambodia, then Vietnam and then I got to Laos and I couldn’t find a postbox. I gave up on my challenge and didn’t send another postcard again.

I REALLY regret this now. How cool would it have been to come home after two years of travelling to see my stack of postcards waiting at my parent’s house? Each postcard would be a little memory to treasure for a lifetime. Of course, my mum and dad would have loved receiving them (especially my mum who doesn’t ‘do’ social media) but it would be the joy of looking at them 10 years later that would be really special.

And this is why I want to reintroduce the lost art of sending postcards.

Today I’d like to tell you about an app called Postsnap that makes it really easy to send postcards in a modern world. No need for stamps or postboxes and you can even use your own photos.



Using Postsnap

Postsnap is the modern way to send postcards. It’s an app you can use on your iPhone or computer and you can upload your own photos to use. There’s no more searching through stands of postcards with generic views of empty beaches, you can take a personalised photo you know the recipient will love.

You can upload your photo from your phone or computer or you can connect to your Facebook or Instagram account for a really easy way to upload. You then type you message on the back and add a handwritten signature for an extra personal touch.

Postsnap will store your contacts in an address book so if you’re regularly sending postcards to the same people it makes the process really quick and simple.

A standard A6 postcard costs just £1.99 with first class delivery in the UK. It’s an extra £0.25 to post within Europe or £0.50 to post worldwide. Note that you can also pay in American, Canadian and Australia dollars to avoid currency conversion fees.

Travel Hack Tip: It’s even cheaper if you use prepaid credit. If you add prepaid credit to your account it’s £1.49 for a small postcard and £2.61 for a greetings card.

I love it that postage is included because if you’ve tried to send a postcard recently you’ll probably have noticed that finding a postcard is easy but finding a stamp and a post box is much more difficult! It also usually arrives about two weeks after you get home so this takes all that hassle out and means your recipient will get the postcard while you’re still on holiday. I received these postcards within two days of ordering them.

You can also use Postsnap to create greetings cards and announcement cards, such as a save the date card, invitations, new baby announcement or a moving home card.

Check out the Postsnap site to find out more or download it in iTunes here.

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Will anyone else be sending postcards the next time they travel?




Friday 9th of February 2018

Great Article! Postcards are awesome and definitely a lost aspect of travel in this day and age. If you're interested in getting some cool, custom postcards printed, check out

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Monday 5th of December 2016

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Victoria @The British Berliner

Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

This is such a great idea. I used to send people loads of postcards. I even send them to myself but nowadays I only send them if I've been to an exotic country lol!

And you're right, the problem is not the postcard itself, it's the stamp, and horor of horrors, finding a postbox! I recently went to the Philippines & Taiwan, and everyone got postcards, but I also went to Denmark, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Slovakia, those postcards are still in my handbag. With no stamps!!!!


Monday 21st of November 2016

Ooh this is an interesting concept! I love receiving postcards, and try my best to send them but often give up if I can't find one I like straight away. What I could really do with is some interesting ideas on how to make use of postcards after you've received them, like to display them in an interesting way. Any ideas?