Travel themed baby bedroom: Decorating for The Baby Travel Hack


With just a few days until my due date all of my thoughts are baby, baby, baby.

I’ve been desperate to decorate a nursery but we’ve been living with my parents for the past few months as we’re renovating our new. It’s a massive project and seems to get bigger every month as we add on new rooms and have new ideas for the house.

I’ve been promised we’ll be living in the house by June and I can finally start thinking about the exciting part – decorating!

The room I’m most excited about decorating is the baby’s room. The obvious theme throughout the house will be travel and there’ll be no exception in The Baby Travel Hack’s bedroom…


Kids world map wallpaperI’ve already got this amazing world map mural wallpaper on order from Murals Wallpaper. They have a few different map designs to choose from but I’ve gone for the most baby friendly so we can start teaching him about the world from a young age. We may even be able to customise it and add our own photos to the places we’ve visited.


IKEA cotThis cot from IKEA converts into a cute little toddler bed at a later stage.



Another bargain must-have from IKEA. These draws have the option to add a changing table on the top. This can be removed in the future and it’s used like a regular set of draws.

Height measurement stickerI absolutely love this height measurement wall sticker. I’d seen a few enormous wooden rulers you can attach to the wall but they were all so expensive. This is a great option at £22.50 from Etsy.

Sound Buddy

We have this little Sound Buddy already set up and ready to lull our little guy to sleep. Well that’s the plan anyway! The soft monkey has a bluetooth speaker in his belly and you can attach it to your phone to play music.

Vintage lampshade world map

I just love this vintage map lampshade. Would it be weird if I had one in every room of the house?

Love world map blocks

Another cute find from Etsy. These letter blocks can be ordered to spell out anything you like.

Life is an adventure

Because life is an adventure and this is a lesson I want to teach our little one. There are so many prints on Etsy and this one is currently a favourite.

If you’d like some more ideas about travel and home decor, check out my Pinterest board Home & Travel. You’ll see I’m a bit obsessed with maps!

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  1. Erin 7 years ago

    Cute. I love the wall mural especially! I will definitely have to remember that one for one day in the future when I have my own kids!

  2. Amy 7 years ago

    Ooh I love the letter/map blocks! They would be amazing for our house as we have a part travel part book theme – I’ll be looking them up later. The mural is amazing too, your baby is going to have so many fun experiences growing up!

  3. I love love that wall mural – tempted for my own wall! And I have that changing table 🙂 Very useful it is too…

  4. Leah 7 years ago

    Love the world map wallpaper! I would absolutely do the same thing. So cool that Ikea has so many baby items that transform as the baby outgrows them!

  5. Jan cross 7 years ago

    I love the wallpaper , just doing my office out and found a lovely wall Mural of New York City.
    Best wishes for the next few weeks. X

  6. Karan 6 years ago

    Wow !!! I love this blog and it touches my heart too. As my elder sister is pregnant and we are planning to decorate a baby room and I must say your blog helps me a lot. Thankssssssssssssssss

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