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Eco-luxury in Dominica at Jungle Bay Resort

Eco-luxury in Dominica at Jungle Bay Resort

“Relax in barefoot luxury on Dominica, the ‘Nature Island’ of the Caribbean”

Jungle Bay is a place where grown-up dreams come true. It was a place that captured my heart and my imagination like no other place has for years and it’s a place that I’m 100% sure I’ll be going back to.

I rarely declare my love for a resort* so passionately. I guess I’ve become somewhat of a hotel critic over the past few years and I’m always searching for somewhere that has that little bit of extra sparkle. And finally, I’ve found it.

*It feels weird calling this place a resort because it’s so far removed from your typical all-inclusive resort. It’s more like a little slice of paradise (there we go, the P word again) nestled among the trees.

Also, I never say I’d like to return to a certain place, particularly a hotel or resort. There are so many incredible places in the world that I’d like to visit and I’m usually dreaming about my next destination before I’ve even left the one I’m in.


Cottage Balcony at Jungle Bay Dominica.

Jungle Bay came second in Trip Advisor’s top 25 hotels in the Caribbean and you only need to look at the reviews to see why. Virtually every review is glowing with tales of adventure, relaxation and unique eco-luxury that appeals to people from all over the world. Forbes Magazine named Jungle Bay in their top 10 eco resorts and Travel + Leisure named them in their top 20 Green Resorts.

So what is it that makes Jungle Bay in Dominica so special?

Jungle Bay’s 35 cottages (or tree houses as I like to call them) are tucked away among the Cedar, Gomier and Galba trees with a spring fed stream that cascades through the valley below. All the cottages are treated with bay leaf oil which gives them the most incredible smell but also works as a natural insect repellent so there are no mossies around here.

If you didn’t know the cottages were there, you’d barely notice them and once you’re inside you feel like you’re in your own private world. You’re surrounded by the forest and all the gorgeous, tropical smells and noises that come with it. Cheeky birds stop by on your balcony while lizards sun themselves outside. A hammock swings gently in the breeze and makes the perfect place for an afternoon nap.

The rustic furniture fits in perfectly and the outdoor shower is surprisingly hot and powerful while offering the best views possible.

Jungle Bay Dominica.


Outdoor bathroom at Jungle Bay Dominica.

The Travel Hack at Jungle Bay Resort Dominica.jpg

If this is all sounding a bit rustic then I’ve got to reassure you that it couldn’t be further from the budget huts from my backpacker days. This is eco luxury at it’s finest with the softest, most comfortable bed you could wish for, the silkiest cotton sheets, the fluffiest towels and luxury eco-friendly bathroom products. There’s no need for air-conditioning or a TV when you have the sea breeze and a view like this.

All tree houses face the sea and many have an incredible view. I slept with my windows open each night and was woken up gently by the shush of the sea and then sun as is started to peak over the horizon. Watching the sunrise from the comfort of your king sized bed is single-handedly the best way to start the day. Add a strong cup of coffee and it’s perfection.

Once the sun has risen it’s time for early morning yoga in one of the beautifully spacious studios. Wellness is a focal point at Jungle Bay and you’ll find lots of healthy activities and many healthy and organic meals on the menus.

The yoga class was aimed at beginners to encourage everyone to give it a go. It was great to see so many people trying and loving yoga for the first time and there was a very friendly and inclusive feel. Jungle Bay also hosts yoga retreats which I’ve got my eye on!

YogaWomen_YogaStudio_MW_HiRes_JungleBay (1)

Yoga studio at Jungle Bay Dominica.

Yoga mats at Jungle Bay Dominica.

Yoga at Jungle Bay Dominica.

After working up an appetite during yoga it’s time for breakfast in the Pavilion Restaurant. A huge royal palm tree sits in the centre of the open-air octagonal structure. A delicious waft of Caribbean cooking drifts in from the kitchen as I take my favourite seat overlooking the ocean and the stone pool.  I opt for mountains of fresh, tropical fruit followed by a not so healthy pile of pancakes and French toast drizzled with honey.

Whenever possible, all the food at Jungle Bay is from local producers and 95% of it is organic. They’re used to catering for vegetarians, vegans and those with food intolerances so there are loads of options and healthy alternatives.

Pavillion restaurant at Jungle Bay Spa and Resort, Dominica, West Indies.

Salad at Jungle Bay Dominica.

Dominica is a haven for active and adventurous travellers and Jungle Bay has so many things you can do. They have daily activities you can sign up for with morning and afternoon and evening options. While some guests will dive straight in and sign up for everything, other people will take a more chilled out approach and maybe just do one thing per day or every other day.

Activities include hiking to waterfalls, cooking classes, drumming classes, kayaking, snorkelling, heritage tours, trips to markets and a massage class. You can even take the 6-hour hike to Boiling Lake – a place that is high on my must-visit list! {These lovely pics below are courtesy of Jungle Bay – thanks for sharing!}

Valley of Desolation

Yoga Glenda on Beach

Zom Zom Trail


Pavilion Restaurant Joanne


Emerald pool


Glasse trail out of Jungle Bay Spa and Resort, Dominica, West Indies.

In the evening a completely different vibe washed over Jungle Bay. The relaxed tranquillity is still there but there’s a buzz of excitement too. Guests mingle in the restaurant as they chat about their days. Jungle Bay has a really intimate and friendly feel and in the two days I was there I’d made friends with lots of the other guests.

The dinner menu at Jungle Bay is delicious and I wanted to stay all week just so I could try out more from the menu.

I had the pleasure of staying for two nights at Jungle Bay and, as you can probably tell, I fell head over heals in love with the place. This isn’t 5* luxury but it does have that magic sparkle I’m searching for. It’s genuine, authentic and welcoming. The staff are always beaming and laughing and the owners and managers are 100% switched on. The owners, Sam and Glenda, are Dominican but both spent much time in the US Virgin Islands. They also have Nancy, the Reservation and Guest Service Manager, who is Swiss. The combination of Dominican, American and Swiss influences makes a perfect cocktail of efficiency and laid-back friendliness.

Hammock at Jungle Bay

Massage table at Jungle Bay Dominica.

Pebble Beach at Jungle Bay Dominica

Relax at Jungle Bay Resort and Spa.jpg

Rates start from $205 USD per cottage per night including breakfast. If you’re the adventurous type then it’s worth looking at the Jungle Spa Adventure Packages. For this you get all the activities you could wish for, 30 minutes a day in the spa, your transfers and all your food. Rates for this start from $244 per person per night.

Flights aren’t cheap and start at around £800. You first need to fly to a main Caribbean hub such as Barbados or Antigua and then take a connecting flight, usually with LIAT. You can also take the ferry but for the speed and convenience of flying I don’t it’s worth it.


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