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An Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong

An Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong

Massive thanks to Marie for today’s post, An Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong. Hong Kong was the first place I visited in Asia so I can relate to her feeling about needing more eyes and ears to take it all in. Maybe a second stomach for all the amazing food too!

Marie is an illustrator so check out her blog to see some of her fabulous drawings.

An Insider's Guide to Hong Kong by Miles of Happiness on The Travel Hack1. Can you tell us how you came to be in Hong Kong and how you know it so well?

Last year we lived in Indonesia and we were looking for a life in a more developed place in Asia. My husband applied to many places and got a job in Hong Kong, which was our first choice!

As a freelancer I can manage my schedule from anywhere and I’m able to visit the city as much as possible. I’m addicted to new discoveries, so this place is perfect for me – it has a lot to offer.

2. How would you describe Hong Kong in 5 words?

  1. Astonishing
  2. Contrasted
  3. Intense
  4. Wide
  5. Pulsating

3. Give us one reason why you think everyone should visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is not the city you have in mind. It’s much more than skyscrapers and chinese temples. You’d be surprised.

Take a look at 9 reasons not to come to Hong Kong for a stop over to see what I mean.

4. Can you tell us about some of your favourite restaurants/places to eat in Hong Kong?

One of the best things about Hong Kong is the food, you can eat the best of any country here. There are so many choices, it’s often hard to choose.

One of the specialities in Hong Kong is Dim Sum. It’s a style of Cantonese food prepared as small bite-sized portions, traditionally served in small steamer basket. Din Tai Fong is the place to eat Dim Sum. A Michelin star restaurant, ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 Restaurants by the New York Times -and it’s cheap.

If you’re homesick, you can eat the best pizzas in town at The Kitchen, in Mui Wo.

For great curries, Koh Thaï is ideal, and Nha Trang is a delicious Vietnamese restaurant.

An Insider's Guide to Hong Kong


5. What’s an unusual thing most tourists wouldn’t know about in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is green! 70% of its territories are rural and made up from mountains, forests and islands. A true heaven for hikers.

6. What’s your favourite touristy thing to do in Hong Kong?

Watching the sunset from the Peak. You can live here for years and still be amazed by the view over the city. It’s very special.


7. What should be at the top of your packing list for Hong Kong?

If you come in summer -from June to September – take a small water spray and a little towel in you bag. And wear a quick-drying sports T-shirt. You don’t know what ‘hot and humid’ is until you’ve been in Hong Kong at this time of the year. It’s extreme!

8. Can you share your favourite photo/illustration from Hong Kong and tell us a little about it?


It was my very first day in Hong Kong. I was jetlaged, lost and impressed. I took a bus to Kowloon. It was packed with people, shops, lights, sounds, air-cons, smells, birds, cabs… So many things going on, two eyes and two ears were not enough. This is my first memory in Hong Kong. It was super exciting.

9. What’s your favourite thing to do outside of the city?

A day trip in Sai Kung Peninsula. Take a boat ride, hike, swim, jump in waterfalls, eat around a wood fire and camp on sandy beaches. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of Hong Kong.

An Insider's Guide to Hong Kong

10. Can you recommend a cool place to stay in Hong Kong?

The best place to enjoy the city is Soho, Wan Chai or Sheung Wan. It’s the perfect location as it’s near the bars & restaurants, the transport, the old-school double-decker trams and the waterfront.

And if the hotels are expensive, you can easily find a place to stay via AirBnb.


MilesOfHappiness_PictureMarie Pottiez is a travel blogger, the founder, author & illustrator behind Miles of Happiness. Curious of everything, she has an unquenchable thirst for discovery and sharing.

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Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

Din Tai Fong is actually Taiwanese cuisine, not Cantonese. For authentic cantonese dim sum, Tim Ho Wan as already recommend is good, or you can try One Dim Sum, Fung Shing, Lei Garden.........

David Smith

Tuesday 14th of April 2015

Thanks for your information.

Miriam Risager

Monday 6th of April 2015

Loved your illustration of Hong Kong, Marie! I would have loved to visit Sai Kung Peninsula when I was there, but I definitely will next time. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jean | Holy Smithereens

Monday 6th of April 2015

Love the street illustration , I recognise it!! Hong Kong is definitely more than just a layover city. My favourite place to eat there is Tim Ho Wan, and I'm so happy they finally opened a branch in Sydney! (with massive lines)