London: Camden Market


“So what’s Camden Market actually like?”

I kept asking Toni this question, trying to get an insight into what was in store for our day in Camden. I’d heard a lot about Camden Market but I still couldn’t imagine what it would be like. I was thinking it would be a mixture between the crazy markets of Bangkok, where you had to shout to be heard over the voices of the other hagglers, and Sydney’s fish market where part of me was fascinated by so many fish and another part of me just wanted to puke.

Toni smiled at me knowingly, the kind of smile that says, “I’m not giving anything away but you’re in for a treat.”

The only piece of information she would give away were these wise words: “Camden is not a place you can describe. You have to see it to believe it.”

And thankfully, I was not disappointed. I’m going to continue with Toni’s words and hopefully give you a little insight into the market. Here is just a fraction of what I could capture on my camera – it was a cold, wet and miserable day so unfortunately I wasn’t my usual snappy happy self.


Horse tunnel market is the best place to find a unique bargain
Pick the leather you want to have belts and bags made just for you
There are so many alley ways leading to even more shops and stalls
These guys made the best fajitas (and they might even sing you a song too!)

Just a few of the random things you can buy at Camden Market

What a poser!
  1. Always have heard about Camden but never have made it there…looks like it’s probably a good thing cause I’d imagine the extra bag fees coming home wouldn’t be fun…

    • TheTravelHack 10 years ago

      Haha, it was the food that got me more than anything else. You could spend all day just eating!

  2. Ed Rex 10 years ago

    J’adore the Horse Tunnel! I try to make my way down there as often as I can if I’m in London.

    Doesn’t surprise me Toni is a poser!

    Ed x

    • TheTravelHack 10 years ago

      Hehe, she’s a massive poser and great fun to go shopping with!

  3. senorita 10 years ago


    Love Camden Market.. Have not been there in years but the place still looks the same 🙂

    Great blog.. I’ll follow on Facebook!

  4. Julia 10 years ago

    I think Camden is definitely worth a look, but I never really feel that it is super authentic (I know, dangerous word). Good place to have gotten my nose pierced, though!

    • TheTravelHack 10 years ago

      I know what you mean, there are some touristy elements to it. Hopefully I’ll get chance to check out some other London markets this summer and see how they all compare.

  5. Claire 10 years ago

    Very nice photos and very colorful. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the Camden Market when I visited London a few months ago.

    • TheTravelHack 10 years ago

      Oh that’s a shame. But there’s so much to see and do in London that you can’t do everything. Save it for your next trip!

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  7. Joe Can Write 9 years ago

    Great photos! Makes me homesick…

    Some great pubs in Camden.

  8. Camden 7 years ago

    Nice shoot, Camden town is a great place for shopping.

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