A weekend in Ghent: An Instagram photo essay

Sunny sights around Ghent
My wheels for the weekend and the best way to get around a city.
Street art is everywhere and you can just about make out some trainers hanging from the wires. These were part of the TRACK exhibition which saw artwork placed all around the city.


Students making an artistic demonstration against over-fishing and eating responsibly.


We spent our first evening in the Hotel Gent, a temporary hotel roombuilt around the railway station clock. This clock was in the centre of our room!


At this was the view from the Hotel Gent as the sun rose the next day.


The view over Ghent from the top of the Castle of the Counts


It would be rude to go all the way to Belgium and not taste a few (OK, a lot!) of the local beers.


St Michiels Plein


The Gent Jazz Festival


Belfry of Ghent
Bells at the Belfry. While we were here we had the opportunity to play the carillon and make music for the whole of Ghent.


And you couldn't go all the way to Belgium without trying a Belgium waffle.
  1. Greet 9 years ago

    The shoes over the electric wire have always been there (actually there used to be many more but the police made the fire brigade remove them a while ago), so those aren’t part of TRACK 🙂 Although I’ve been living in Ghent for 6 years now, I still don’t know the story behind them, but I keep searching!

    I loved reading your posts about Ghent, they really show the city as it is and as I love it 🙂

    • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

      Aw, thanks. I’m glad you enjoy them 🙂

      We were told the trainers were part of TRACK but it’s interesting to know they’ve been there a while. There’s a rumour in the UK that if there are trainers hanging from the wires, a drug dealer lives in the house below them. I have no idea how true this is though!

      • Greet 9 years ago

        You can see how many shoes there used to be before they were removed on this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TerugSchoenenInDeLammerstraat

        I’ve never heard that rumour before, that’s funny!

        • Laura 9 years ago

          I live in (or actually near) Ghent too.
          I was told that it’s a tradition to throw your shoes over an electric wire when you graduate. So that’s where all those shoes come from 🙂

          • TheTravelHack 9 years ago

            Ooo thanks for sharing this Laura. That’s much nicer than thinking a drug dealer lives there! I wonder which rumour is true and how these funny stories start!

  2. […] ticket would take you to any Belgium station.If you want to see more from Ghent, you can check out A weekend in Ghent: An Instagram Photo Essay and my stay in the Hotel Gent Clock Tower where I stayed in a magical room surrounding the train […]

  3. Simon Taylor 9 years ago

    Great Instagram photos, looks like a fab trip!

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