The Travel Hack Packing Cube


When we released The Travel Hack Backpack we also created a gorgeous matching Travel Hack Packing Cube.

The packing cube can be used to neatly organise your bag and the handy compression zip can also reduce the size by up to 33%!

The idea for the packing cube came about for three reasons:

  1. To avoid the embarrassment of opening your bag at airport security and everyone in the queue behind you seeing all your clothes and underwear! 
  2. When you arrive at your destination you can quickly whip out the packing cube filled with your clothes, dump it in your hotel room and you’ll use the same neatly packed bag to get out and explore
  3. Who doesn’t love a neatly organised bag with different compartments for all your stuff!?

The packing cube fits neatly inside the backpack so you get the very most out of the space. It now also matches nicely with the updated version of the suitcase which has a light pink interior (the older versions of the suitcase had a hot pink interior lining)

I hope you love this as much as I do!


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