I am officially a yoga goddess. Well, nearly…

I signed up for 10 classes at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. Yoga is something that has always interested me but I’ve always been a bit scared to try a class. I’m about as flexible as a wooden ruler and didn’t fancy being the one at the back who keeps falling over and can’t touch her toes.

But traveling is all about new experiences and not being afraid to try new things and Ubud is ‘the cultural capital’ of Bali so I thought this would be the perfect place to give it a go.

There are yoga centers all over the place and the streets are lined with skinny little yoga chicks in their 100% natural leggings and a yoga mat rolled up under one arm. I want to be one of those skinny little yoga chicks!

My first few classes have been great, although I was the one at the back who kept falling over. But, among the many things that traveling has taught me, I have learnt to not worry about what anyone else thinks but myself. There are many advanced students in the class but they are all kind and supportive and encouraging.


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  1. Yoga is such a great discipline that includes the body, mind and spirit. The physical Yoga is just a beginning of the journey that leads to the inner worlds of the soul. Thanks.

  2. Hey, i came across your blog, it’s great and has been very helpful.
    Can you tell me where you stayed in Ubud? I am a solo traveller and I too plan to be the ‘one at the back who kept falling over’ at Yoga Barn.
    Did you enjoy your accommodation? Can you recommend anything? Perhaps book one night and re arrange when I get there? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Joanna. We stayed in Artini Cottages 1 and I can definitely recommend them! We didn’t book beforehand, we just turned up and had a look around a few different guest houses and this was our favourite. We intended to stay a few days but loved it so much we stayed well over a week. The rooms are basic but clean and you get breakfast every day and a huge pot of tea and coffee on your veranda each afternoon. There’s also a pool and it’s a great location. http://www.artinicottage.com/artini1/index.htm

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