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How to get your travel insurance for free, and make annual savings that could even mean an extra holiday

How to get your travel insurance for free, and make annual savings that could even mean an extra holiday

We’re delving into some real adulting today as we chat about travel insurance and money saving hacks! 

Did you know that if you use Cedar Tree travel insurance, you get access to a member’s club where there are massive discounts for both travel and everyday spending?

I started using Cedar Tree for my family’s annual travel insurance last year because I loved their easy-to-understand policy and their comprehensive Covid cover. I didn’t actually realise that their member’s club, which now includes the Discount Hub, would be such a bonus!

Using the discounts in this club you could go on to save enough money to cover the cost of your travel insurance and even enough to book another holiday!

Yes, that’s right. You could essentially get your travel insurance for free and make massive savings, which you could stash away…but we all know we’d rather spend those savings on a holiday!

Here are some examples of the savings available in the Cedar Tree Discount  Hub

  • 40% off cinema tickets
  • 10% off hotel bookings with Hotels. com
  • Up to 20% off car hire
  • 10% off Expedia UK bookings

If you buy eGift cards you can get:

  • 4% off at supermarkets like Sainsbury’s or John Lewis
  • 7% off at M&S
  • 7% off at JustEat
  • 5% off with Airbnb

There are so many more ways to save money with the Discount Hub but I’ve gone into a bit more detail about how I’m saving money for my family below.

Cheers to 7% off my M&S G&T!

^I stayed in a remote cabin in Snowdonia this weekend so stocked up on M&S food and goodies before I left – all bought with my 7% discount via the Discount Hub!

Cedar Tree Travel Insurance

My 20% Cedar Tree Discount Code: LVYARC69UR

The Cedar Tree discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, and the policy must be bought directly from 

You may remember that last year I started using Cedar Tree for my family’s annual travel insurance. This was a time when travel was uncertain due to Covid restrictions and holidays were being cancelled left, right and centre! But we were all desperate to go on holiday so everyone was booking trips while knowing there was a chance it may never happen.

At that point, I really appreciated knowing that my holidays would be covered, even if we had to cancel due to Covid. Cedar Tree’s travel insurance is comprehensive and there’s an easy-to-follow policy so I knew that even if one of us had to isolate and cancel our trip, we’d still be covered.

Travel insurance policies can be so complicated and wordy, to a point where you don’t really know what you’re covered for, but Cedar Tree made it all really simple. 

I knew my trips would be covered if we had to cancel a holiday due to Covid and my family would be cared for if any of us became unwell abroad.

Fast forward 12 months and yes, we still all want comprehensive cover, but our new concern is the cost of living crisis.

How can our travel insurance help us save money?

Cedar Tree member clubs for massive savings

Life is getting more and more expensive and we’re all looking for easy ways to save money.

And that’s where Cedar Tree comes in.

When you get your travel insurance through Cedar Tree, you have access to their unique member club where there are year-round savings available.

Many of the savings are for everyday spending, such as discounts at major supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda or brands such as ASOS, Primark, and Currys.

It’s the kind of little, everyday savings that slowly add up!

How I use the Cedar Tree Discount Hub 

There are so many things you could use the Discount Hub for but here’s how I’ve been using it…

Airbnb – 5% discount

You can get a 5% discount with Airbnb and, as I use Airbnb A LOT, this has been a great one for me. I use Airbnb for at least half of my trips so those 5% discounts do add up.

I stayed in Airbnb’s in Tenerife for Christmas and New Year so that 5% discount would have came in handy!

Family cinema days or date night – 40% off cinema tickets and 8% off dinner

You can get up to 40% off cinema tickets at ODEON, Vue and Cineworld using the DiscountHub. 

I know it makes me sound like an old lady but cinema tickets are so expensive these days! When did the cinema become such an expensive day out!?

Using the Discount Hub  I can get cinema tickets at Vue cinema (my local one has those massive, comfy seats!) for just £7.01.

Combine this with an 8% discount at Wagamama and you’ve got yourself a perfect family day out with big savings!

I used these discounts twice during the recent Easter holidays, saving my family about £20 in total.

And yes, that £20 can go straight into the pot for another family day out.

40% off cinema tickets!? Don’t mind if I do!

Cedar Tree Discount Hub for gifts

Another way I like to use the Discount Hub is for gifts – particularly gift cards.

You can get discounted gift cards for everywhere from Primark to Miller & Carter and most gift cards seem to have between 3-15% off (most seem to average about 8% off). Virgin Experience Days gift cards have 20% off and Miller & Carter is 10% off.

Travel Hack Tip: If you’ve got friends or family with young kids, there is no better gift than a restaurant voucher and the promise to babysit while mum and dad go out for a nice meal!

When it comes to Christmas time, I’m sure these discount gift cards are going to come in very handy!

7% off for M&S food!

I don’t do my full weekly shop at M&S but I do love an M&S meal deal! 

The £12 Asia meal deal, or the £20 Date Night & Fizz meal deals are an absolute winner in my house. Much cheaper than a takeaway and they’re usually just as nice!

And if you use the Cedar Tree Discount Hub, you can get 7% off at M&S.

Let’s say you got the £20 date night meal deal once a week. That would cost £1,040 a year. But using the 7% discount, it costs £967.20 meaning an annual saving of £72.80.

M&S meal deals for the win during a recent trip to a log cabin in Snowdonia

Little savings add up

It doesn’t take long before all of these little savings start to add up.

I know these are all small savings but it’s so easy to do via the app that you’d be silly not to make the most of it.

Live monthly draws

Not only do you get access to lots of savings but there are also live monthly draws which are free to enter for policyholders.. I’m really hoping to win that £500 Airbnb voucher this month!

Bigger discounts with each new policy

Another benefit to using Cedar Tree is that the longer you’re a member with them, the bigger your discounts become. Once you’ve had 6 policies, or earned 200 points, you get 20% discount!

Cedar Tree Club App makes it so easy to save

I’ll admit that I’m usually a bit lazy about getting discounts. You often have to jump through so many hoops to get your discount that it barely seems worth it to get 70p off!

But the Cedar Tree app is really easy to use so it’s no extra hassle to get it.

For many of the discounts you need to buy a gift card, so when you know how much your bill will be, just go onto the app, select the gift card you need and the amount you want it for. I pay quickly with Apple Pay and then the gift card is immediately emailed to me.

It takes an extra minute and it’s well worth it (especially when you get 10% off for a family of 5 at Miller & Carter!)

Take a look at Cedar Tree travel insurance policies and the Discount Hub!

I have an exclusive 20% discount code too: LVYARC69UR

 The Cedar Tree discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, and the policy must be bought directly from