Pickpocket Proof Clothing (You’ll Actually Want to Wear!)



If there is one thing that a pickpocket loves it’s tourists! When you’re unfamiliar with a place or distracted by sightseeing it’s easy to become vulnerable. I’ve heard countless stories of stolen purses and wallets over the years and in most cases the thief was long gone by the time they realized their stuff was gone.

Pick pocketing is one of the oldest crimes there is and since it’s probably not going out of business any time soon, the best thing you can do is pickpocket proof yourself so you’re not an easy target.

While there are plenty of pickpocket products available on the market, they all seem to lack one thing: style. Since the Travel Hack is a blog about stylish adventure travel, we made it our mission to search for travel security products that not only protect your valuables, but are also stylish.

The Clever Travel Companion

I usually find clothes designed for travel safety very disappointing. They tend to be unflattering, boring, and definitely not stylish. Enter The Clever Travel Companion, a clothing line with hidden pockets. I recently learned about this company and from the outstanding reviews online I was excited to try them out.

And let me tell you, the reviews weren’t lying. I tried the black tank top and was really, really impressed! The material is fantastic, the fit was great, and overall it’s probably one of the best quality tank tops I’ve ever tried on. You can see the zippers of the hidden pockets if you’re up close, but they aren’t overly noticeable.

I had my husband, Mike, try the boxer briefs and he felt the same way about the quality. He felt these products would be great to store your money and passport in if you’re sleeping in a hostel or on a train.

Clever Travel Companion

Security Scarves

I came across these scarves and couldn’t help but think, why didn’t I think of that?! Scarves are one of the best packing hacks because they are lightweight and create the illusion of different outfits. So if you asked me, a stylish scarf that also protects your valuables is the perfect travel accessory. I found several solid colors here. And a lovely array of prints here.

Bra Stashers

These Braza bra stashers are more feminine than the normal beige and grey versions on the market. A bra is one of safest places for women to store their valuables and since they take up very little room they are an excellent travel safety product to pack in your luggage.


A classic belt with a hidden zipper is a great alternative to an uncomfortable money belt or bum bag for our male travelers. You can find both a black and brown version here.


Although not clothing, storing extra money in an empty Chapstick container can be a lifesaver if your purse or wallet is stolen. Most thieves aren’t going to grab this out of your bag or pocket, so it’s a great place to hide your ‘just in case’ money.

What other products do you use to keep your valuables safe? We’d love to hear!

If you’re looking for more tips on pickpocketing and travel safety, I compiled my best tips here.




  1. Great items! I had found a few items like this that I hope to buy one day. You can never been too safe with your valuables while traveling.

    I also like to keep a small wallet with some expired credit cards and maybe a couple coins with a bill or two as a decoy wallet. It’s tiny, and if you ever do get pick-pocketed, you can give up that one up instead…so I keep it in the more obvious place.

    • Jenny Dolphin 6 years ago

      Hi Jessica! The decoy wallet is a great idea! Might have to do that for my next trip!

    • Janet devins 6 years ago

      After many solo travels that included overnight train /bus rides and shared accommodations in some questionable places – not to mention having someone in Nairobi lift up my shirt ( looking for the ever popular money belt!), I started thinking of a better, less obvious place to keep valuables.
      Later this would turn into bravebetty travel bra.
      A quality sports like bra that can safely conceal your bank cards, cash and even your passport – all comfortably in the small of your back. Good luck to a thief who thinks he/she can distract you and remove anything from there without you being aware of them!
      When you return from your travels bravebetty continues to be useful as your new favourite yoga or sports bra – unlike money belts which get shoved away until your next trip.

  2. Ola 6 years ago

    Very interesting tips! I’ve never been somewhere where I needed to be very careful about pick pocking but I usually travel with 2 wallets, one is for the credit card and the main amount of money and the other one is a wallet in normal size.

    • Jenny Dolphin 6 years ago

      Hi Ola,

      Using two wallets is smart! It’s definitely a good idea to keep your valuables in different locations just in case one gets stolen or lost! Happy Travels!

  3. Megan 6 years ago

    These are awesome! Wearing a money belt feels awful and thieves know that’s a common spot for tourists to hide their money and credit cards. The scarf is great for winter travel. Thanks for posting!

    • Jenny 6 years ago

      Hi Megan! Glad you liked the scarves! Agreed – I think they’ll be great for traveling in the winter!

  4. Pinay Flying High 6 years ago

    The chapstick one’s a great idea almost similar to what I normally do – keep the money and credit card in a cigarette box or a sanitary pad. :p

    • TheTravelHack 6 years ago

      I’ve also heard about people using deodorant sticks too. Anything that no one will look inside is perfect!

      • Jess Friend 6 years ago

        And on the beach, I’ll often put a couple of reddies in a empty sun cream bottle!

  5. Kathryn 6 years ago

    I try to travel with a bag that has the stash it away pocket — all zipped up and secure but also an outside pocket for easy access to transport ticket and a bit of cash. I figure there is no use having a secure spot if you have to access it all the time — and situations like buying bus tickets (in a foreign language) plus dealing with all that makes you vulnerable.

    Oh and never, ever sit something on your table at a cafe that you don’t want stolen. Not even for a minute.

  6. Hannah 6 years ago

    I own one of the bra stashers, but haven’t tried using it yet (I haven’t found it very convenient).
    I love the Chapstick idea! I’m certainly going to try it out.
    I also love my new “pickpocket-identity-safe” Travelon bag. I has lobster-claw clasps for the zippers, an RFID pocket for my passport & credit cards, wire mesh built in, and a cut proof strap. I usually don’t go on & one about a product, but I really love this purse. I’ve even gotten some compliments on how smart it looks. 🙂
    As far as “testing it,” I’ve taken it with me throughout the US, part of Canada, and also an extended trip in Panama.

  7. Anise 6 years ago

    I inadvertently came across a ladies-only stash solution. I bought a sports bra that had padding, so I cut a small hold across the side to take the padding out, and voila! A pocket in which to keep valuables that you don’t need to constantly access, like a green card or credit card.

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