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The Travel Drawer Travel Packing Hack

The Travel Drawer Travel Packing Hack

This week’s Travel Hack of the Week comes from one of my favourite travel bloggers, Abigail King from Inside the Travel Lab. Abi mentioned this travel hack to me years ago and it’s something I’ve adopted myself so I’m really pleased she’s shared it with us this week.

The last few years of careering around the globe have transformed me into a lean, mean packing machine. From the most uninspiring of beginnings.

Time was, I ended up in Ireland with 13 tops and no pants. And that was one of the less embarrassing anecdotes.

But the tip that turned my packing life around? The unassuming travel draw.

You see, back in the old days, my passport lived in my “essential paperwork” section, my suntan lotion in my bathroom (for quick access, because the UK has so many sunny days) and my travel adaptors lost in a box of spare cables and other wiry things I’d kept just in case I had to reconfigure the motherboards of the nation to keep us in power (that’s not actually true. I have no idea why I kept so many)

In reality, why did I ever need to separate these things?

The solution? The travel drawer.

The Travel Drawer

Throw in travel insurance documents, money belts, small size toiletries, spare glasses cases and some sugar free chewing gum. And, of course, the passport, sunscreen and travel adaptors, naturally. And then you’re done.

Over time, I’ve built up a few more niche sections. A winter sports holdall. A business conference suitcase. But the hub for it all remains the travel drawer.

Minutes, if not hours, shaved off the dull, dull, dull task of travel packing.

And the best part? It saves time unpacking as well. Dirty laundry out; everything else back into the travel draw in one easy move.

Life – and sanity – reclaimed.




Abigail King is a writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road. She writes the award-winning travel blog Inside the Travel Lab on thoughtful luxury and unusual journeys. She’s also on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, where she does her best to be interesting, inspiring and informative. Ever so occasionally she manages to pull it off.


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Thursday 18th of August 2016

I'm currently working on a capsule of clothes to hang with my cabin bag, favorite versatile outfits for short trips I can grab and go, or swop out for alternatives. So far-dark grey lightweight jeans that look smart and dry really quickly, a short sleeved T shirt and a top, a crew cardigan, a long sleeved T shirt, a layering blouse, a simple dress which can be layered and dressed up or down, bootees, sandals and super lightweight trainers, cross body bag and Longchamp bag, scarf, light rain jacket, sunglasses, umbrella, gloves, nightdress, tights, socks, knickers, bra, underslip, 3 versatile necklaces. I can grab an extra dress, top, skirts or whatever for extra days or activities at the last minute, but I know that I can cover most eventualities with this combination.


Friday 26th of August 2016

@Lynn: Where did you find jeans that dry really quickly?


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

GREAT IDEA - especially since 95% of my jaunts are last-minute and I'm scrambling to find this stuff. Thanks!!


Friday 29th of July 2016

Brilliant idea! This year - for the first year EVER we all took just hand luggage with us and on top of that used every SINGLE item of clothing that was in it! No more 'just in case' items for me!!


Monday 1st of August 2016

Ah, yes, I'm very prone to "just in case-itis." Recently an airline lost my luggage for the whole trip which just made me rethink again how much I actually need...