Sunset Sunday: Camels on 80 mile beach, WA.


Sunset Sunday is in dedication to all the beautiful sunsets around the world. Sometimes we’re so busy that we don’t get the chance to really appreciate how gorgeous the sunset is so I’d like everyone to start noticing! Stop what you’re doing for a few moments and look at all the amazing colours of the sunset. If you manage to get a good photo, let me know and we can feature it on Sunset Sunday. Send emails to: [email protected]

This picture was taken on 80 Mile Beach in Western Australia. Each night the camels walk the tourists along the shore as the sun sets behind them. Crowds congregate along the beach in 4x4s and watch as the camels make their trip.

  1. Victoria 10 years ago

    This one is stunning! Wouldn’t have guessed it was in Western Australia!!

    • TheTravelHack 10 years ago

      I know, it’s gorgeous isn’t it. Western Australia is such a random place that I’m never sure what to expect!

  2. Siddhartha Joshi 10 years ago

    This is such an amazing picture…I love it completely. So serene, so powerful…

    Never expected to see so many camels ever in Australia…

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