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10 reasons to love Barbados

10 reasons to love Barbados

As a travel blogger I’m so lucky that I get to visit lots of different countries but one of my favourite things is to re-visit a place that I’ve already been and loved.

On my first visit I’m like a rabbit in the headlights with wide eyes and a slack jaw as I try to take everything in.  But during my second visit I find that I’m less overwhelmed by everything and experience it in a different way.

This week I’ve been in Barbados and it’s my second time here and I’ve loved it even more than the first.

Here are 10 reasons why I love Barbados …


The people

Bajans are some of the friendliest, happiest and most welcoming people I’ve ever met, particularly the men who are massive flirts too! They also have the best accents in the world. Fact.

The beaches

I don’t even need to say anything here. Just look at that beach. Perfection.

Beach in Barbados

The weather

Barbados is quite a breezy island and just when you feel like you’re starting to get too hot a delightfully warm breeze will dance by. It usually smells like fresh flowers and the ocean and I seriously wish I could bottle this scent and take it home with me.

The food

If I could eat nothing but flying fish, macaroni pie, plantain and rice ‘n peas for the rest of my life then I’d die a happy (and chubby) lady. Add a few lobsters and this chunky Mars bar and Oreo cheesecake and I’d be even happier!

Lobster in Barbados

oreo and mars bar cheesecake


The history

Barbados is more than just beautiful beaches and there’s a really interesting history to explore. I spent the day in the historic Garriston District yesterday to find out about the military history and how George Washington’s stay in Barbados affected world history (yes, really!)

The dancing

If there’s one thing that Bajan’s do well it’s dance. They’ve got the kind of rhythm that I can only dream of as I awkwardly bounce on the sidelines of the dance floor.

The sunsets

Just add rum punch and a beach chair for the most perfect sunsets you’ve ever seen.

Sunset in Barbados

The rum

Speaking of rum, you can’t go anywhere in Barbados without being offered a rum punch. In the UK we offer all of our guests tea, in Barbados it’s rum.

As I boarded a catamaran cruise yesterday I was asked: “Fruit punch or rum punch?”

It was 9am so I opted for fruit punch but my response was met with a look that said, ‘Don’t be silly, you’re in Barbados. I was only asking to be polite.’

I smiled and shrugged and was served the strongest rum punch the guy dared to serve me. I took a sip and immediately wished I’d eaten breakfast.

Rum in Barbados

The fun

With their strong concoctions and laid back lifestyle you can’t help but have a hell of a lot of fun in Barbados. Good food + good drinks + good weather + good company + good views = a great holiday.

The flights

flying to the caribbean with BA

It’s only 8.5 hours to get to Barbados. OK, over 8 hours might not seem like a quick trip but after my 11.5 hour flight from Los Angeles last week, 8.5 hours is a breeze.

For me, that’s 2 movies, a meal and a nap and then I’m there. What’s not to love about that!?



Saturday 30th of April 2016

I studied abroad in Barbados for a few weeks in January. I still think about the sun, the beaches, the amazing food, Friday nights in Oistins, the dancing, the FISH, everything. I miss that maple almond ice cream every day too. I don't miss getting yelled at or the high prices lol, but it was all worth it.


Thursday 16th of July 2015

As a bajan living on the west coast of the U.S. your blog just made me all teary eyed, California beaches are nice but it's not Barbados beaches. I really appreciate they r so many people that love my homeland.


Friday 7th of November 2014

You seem to love Barbados more than me and I live here! Lol. I guess that's usually the case - that we cant truly appreciate what's in front of us when we see it every day. Glad you enjoyed it though :) Btw, your posts are inspiring. My island is small but my dreams are big and I hope to leave and see the world one day (soon).

Barbados International Masters Swim Meet kicks off Oct 29-31

Saturday 6th of September 2014

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Friday 18th of July 2014

I had the pleasure of staying on Barbados for three weeks in March 1998 and I have never forgotten how wonderful it was. Everything you mentioned and more. I was lucky to be with friends who were regular visitors to the island and knew it well so got to experience many things, but high on the ratings list would be the friendly people of Barbados. We went to every region of the island and it's hard to choose a favourite, but high amongst my memories is Friday night in Ostins and the food. Harrisons Caves and the rocky east coast were high on the list. I really hope to make it back there one day.