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12 months of challenges for a better 2019!

12 months of challenges for a better 2019!

In 2019 I’ve decided to try something new and set myself a monthly challenge for every month of the year.

I’m one of those people who wants to do everything and this is my way of doing ALL THE THINGS but focusing on one thing at a time rather than jumping in all guns blazing and giving up within a week.

This idea isn’t exactly original and I’ve found hundreds of online articles from other bloggers who have done something similar. And if you like the idea of this, please do join me and do your own 12 months of challenges! Just let me know in the comments below or on social media!

When it comes to the New Year, I want to set myself every resolution in the book and try every new fad and every exercise regime going.

I’m also one of those people who will read a click-baity article entitled something like, ‘I did this one thing every morning and it changed my life!’ The only problem is that I’ll read 10 of those articles in the same day and I’ll try and do them all at once and fail completely because I’ve tried to do everything at once.

I recently watched a video on YouTube about Casey Neistat’s daily routine and I saw he puts a lot of his success down to getting up early each morning. So, obviously, I immediately wanted to start getting up at 4.30am everyday!

And then I met a friend who’s just started doing yoga and she goes to classes everyday and looks incredible and said she feels great. So, obviously, I immediately wanted to do that too.

And then I found a book I was half way through where the author puts her success down to a life of minimalism.

And then I read an old blog post of my own where I put my own success at the time down to the fact I didn’t watch TV and I remembered how productive I was when I didn’t spend every evening glued to the box.

And then I spoke to Sam and he reminded me that I wanted me next challenge to be daily vlogging as that could be such a fun and new way to document my life and a new challenge as I approach 10 years of blogging.


For 2019 I’ve decided on 12 things I want to try and I’m going to dedicate a month to each one.

I’m not going to get to January 1st and try and do them all at once. I’m going to take it easy and do one thing at a time and hopefully stick at it for a full 28-31 days. I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll have found a couple of things that genuinely do make a difference to my life. A few things that make me feel healthier, more productive or happier.

These are the 12 new things I’d like to try to see if they’ll make a difference to my life.

Side note: I’m not going to lie, some of these things are things I’m not sure I want to do (like getting up at 4.30am) but I hear so many people who say they get so much done in the morning and it helps them to be so much more productive. I almost hope it’s like that time I did Dry January. I fully expected to feel SO good at the end of January after a whole month off the booze. I thought I’d be healthier and would have lost weight and would feel light and fit and energised. But in reality I didn’t feel any different and I realised there was nothing wrong with my alcohol consumption! Needless to say, I won’t be doing Dry January again!


  1. Yoga everyday
  2. Running everyday
  3. Vegan for a whole month
  4. Daily vlogging
  5. Daily blog posts
  6. Journaling
  7. Getting up at 4.30am everyday
  8. No TV for one monthDone in January
  9. Daily meditation
  10. A photo a day
  11. A month without buying anything (other than food and fuel)
  12. Zero waste for one month – Currently doing in February


Those are my 12 challenges I plan to do every single day for a month.

I’m not necessarily doing them in the order so my dilemma now is, which do I do first? What do you think? Which would you do first or which do you want to see me do first?

It’s worth noting that I have a very busy month in January but I’m planning for the rest of the year to be pretty steady.

Angela Thompson

Saturday 9th of March 2019

I'm trying something similar. I completed a race at your own pace challenge for February. I walked 100 miles during the month and had a wonderful medal at the end of it. I felt wonderful making the effort to do it. I am now doing a 21 day decorating challenge. I have decorated my bedroom, painting throughout and even laid the carpet myself. Now that is finished I have started decorating the lounge and will continue to decorate every day until I have completed the challenge. I'm going to do a meditation challenge, A get up at 6 challenge (I could not do 4.30!! ), to cook a different recipe) I have not cooked before) every day for 21 days, plus many more challenges. I think it is great to challenge oneself! Well done and good luck!!

Alizon Robertson

Monday 31st of December 2018

Maybe the vegan thing in January because, you know, Veganuary. It makes it easy as there's support and recipes. I'm with Ali about the early starts, much easier to get up with the sun. I'd do the Tv thing in February as it's fewer days to go without (although watching tv in summer is less necessary than on cold winter nights!) I'm doing dry January and hoping for all the benefits you said you didn't have! I'm going to get my challenge list together too!


Tuesday 1st of January 2019

I'm going to go with no TV in January - in some ways it's the hardest month to do it because that's the month you end up hibernating and binging on boxsets. But that's kind of what I want to avoid! I'm also away a lot in Jan so I think the first ever vegan month would be easier when I'm home most of the month.


Monday 24th of December 2018

Great idea! I have my list ready


Monday 24th of December 2018

I love this! I think I want to try something like this too


Sunday 23rd of December 2018

Interesting list. Definitely a few on there I don’t think I could handle! I think you should try the 4:30am wake up during June or July because the sun comes up so early anyway, might make it easier to deal with.