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Introducing Amberlair: Crowdsourcing the dream hotel

Introducing Amberlair: Crowdsourcing the dream hotel

I wrote this post last year, ‘10 things I wish all hotels had‘. It’s about all the silly mistakes hotels make and the little details that make a hotel stay either bland or brilliant.

I’ve stayed in a lot of bad hotels and I think that all these bad experiences could be used to create something awesome. Collectively, I’m sure the online travel community could combine all of our bad experiences and write a book entitled, ‘How not to run a hotel’! We’d make a killing 😉

I mentioned in this post how much I hate cookie-cutter hotels. You know, the kind of hotel where you could be anywhere in the world once the door is shut. Beige walls, lukewarm showers, outdated artwork and a completely forgettable experience.

I want hotels to be unique and memorable. They don’t need to be 5*, they just need to have something interesting about them.

So today I’d like to tell you about something very interesting indeed. Let me introduce you to Amberlair, a new crowdsourced hotel.

Let’s start at the beginning…

What is Amberlair?

Amberlair is the world’s first crowdsourced and crowdfunded boutique hotel

Amberlair will be a boutique hotel created with the help of the global travel community.

The people behind Amberlair are reaching out to people who share their passion for characterful hotels.

We’ve all heard about online crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and they want to use this template to create a group of extraordinary places to stay around the world.

“Amberlair will be a destination that seamlessly combines a modern aesthetic with a sense of place and offers a 21st-century reinterpretation of Gemütlichkeit, the German concept of relaxation and hospitality.”

Singita Boulders Lodge, Sabi Sand, Kruger, South Africa. Agency HKLM. Art Director: Paul Henriques. Stylist: Georgina Pennington. Photographer: Mark Williams. 14/11/11.

Where is Amberlair?

Who knows? Maybe we have the answer?

The location of the first Amberlair boutique hotel will be decided by the online travel community.

If you know the perfect place for Amberlair to put down its roots, go to and submit your suggestion. There is a great prize to be won for the person who submits the location finally chosen…


The Amberlair Competition

The most suitable locations will be shortlisted and they will once again turn to the online community and the hotel location will be put to a vote. Whichever location receives the most votes will be the site for the first Amberlair boutique hotel – as simple as that. And the community member who proposed it will win a fantastic prize: a week’s stay for two at Amberlair*, plus a VIP invitation to the opening party.


Amberlair in the future

Once the first Amberlair location is decided, the crowdfunding campaign will begin. The online travel community will be invited to contribute and they will then be entitled to free stays at Amberlair and benefits while staying at the boutique hotel.

Other aspects of the hotel will also be crowdsourced such as the designers and local suppliers.

amberlair Find out more

Find out more about Amberlair on their website and follow the journey on:




This post is in partnership with Amberlair.

*Terms and conditions apply 

Amberlair is here! The world's first crowdsourced boutique hotel

Tuesday 17th of October 2017

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Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

It looks fab. The first picture just can be one place!!