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Introducing Readly Magazine App: Heaven for Magazine Junkies

Introducing Readly Magazine App: Heaven for Magazine Junkies


I have a confession I need to share with you today.

I am a magazine junkie.

I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. I thought I might grow out of the addiction as I grew older but, if anything, it’s getting worse.

The addiction started with Girl Talk when I was seven. Things progressed during my ‘tween’ years with ChatterBox and SmashHits. I used to sneak magazines I was far too young for and read about teenage topics like boyfriends and makeup.

By the time I was 13 I was already on Elle and Vogue and would spend hours poring over the glossy covers.

It got really bad when I was 17 and began working in my local newsagents. My work suffered due to the addiction as I regularly had to sneak off and read a few pages before guiltily getting back to the job.

When I went to uni I found a way to feed my habit for free. I found a magazine section in the library. Oh my goodness. When I discovered that section I might as well have left uni. Every time I visited the library to ‘study’ I couldn’t help but sneak over the magazines and indulge in my favourites. They even had vintage editions of Vogue dating back 20 years!

Since then I’ve become hooked on every travel magazine going and have subscriptions to them all. Yes, they come to my home so I don’t even need to go out to feed the addiction.

My boyfriend says things are getting out of control but I just can’t stop myself. I love magazines. I even like going to flea markets and buying second-hand magazines.

I love them all. I love cookery magazines to drool over new recipes’, fashion magazines for shopping inspiration, parenting magazines, home décor and interior design, fitness and running. I even like reading the local magazines for the places I travel to – the one for Cornwall is particularly good!

Phew, I feel better now I’ve got that off my chest so I should really crack on with the reason for this post.

I’d like to tell you about Readly, magazine heaven for magazine junkies.

Readly on an iPad

Introducing Readly Magazine App

Readly is for your tablet or smartphone and allows you to digitally access over 1,000 magazines and their back issues.

Readly is a subscription service and starts from £9.99 for one month.

Yes, that’s right, for just under a tenner a month you get unlimited access to 1,139 magazines. UNLIMITED.

You can chose from magazines in the US and UK as well as France, Germany, Lithuania, Philippines, Sweden and Turkey.

It’s a great app to have while you’re on holiday or travelling, whether it’s for reading on the plane or flicking through your favourite magazines by the pool. Magazines can be downloaded whenever a tablet has access to Wi-Fi, so you can pre-download magazines while you have internet and read them wherever you like.

Lonely Planet on Readly

Readly review

Hang on, it gets even better.

The Readly subscription can be shared across 5 devices so 5 different people can share the subscription making it just £2 per month per person!

Readly has loads of cool functionality including key word search, which enables you to search the entire magazine catalogue by key word. So, say you’re looking for sandals, simply type this into the search bar and it returns all pages which feature the word! Getting holiday fashion inspiration from your favourite magazines has never been easier.

Like Spotify, Readly is intuitive and actually recommends content based on your in-app magazine reading habits so it’s a great way to find new magazines you might not normally go for.

See, I told you it was amazing.

Download the app and a bundle of magazines for your next flight. You can thank me when you land 😉

Readly Magazine access

Find out more about Readly magazine app here.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a 6-month subscription to Readly but was in no way obligated to write this post. All thoughts, opinions and magazine addictions are entirely my own.



Friday 9th of October 2015

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