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What to pack for baby’s first summer holiday

What to pack for baby’s first summer holiday

Hi everyone, it’s George (otherwise known as The Tiny Travel Hack) here today. My mum has asked me to write a packing post with all the things I think you should pack for a baby’s summer holiday.

We know there are lots of lucky babies heading on exotic holidays this summer because you’ve been emailing to tell us about your adventures!

You might be surprised by how much stuff you need to pack for a baby. We may be the smallest member of the family but we definitely need the most stuff. It’s best to stay somewhere that has a cot and highchair and you should double check there’s a kettle too so you can warm bottles and food.

I’ve added some baby packing suggestions that will save you space, some that will help babies feel at home, some to keep us settled and some to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible.

What to pack for baby's first summer holiday

Hammamas Towel

You’ve all heard about travel towels, right? Those hideous mircofibre things that don’t dry you and end up smelly and damp in the bottom of your bag? Well, I’ve found a travel towel that actually works.

I’d like to introduce you to Hammamas, clever cotton towels that are absorbent, fast-drying and light weight. No more lugging around a heavy towel when you to the beach!

I also like to use mine as a blanky and a sunshade on my pram or as a wrap while I’m breastfeeding. Mum doesn’t like it when I show her boobs to the world, I’m not sure why.

UV Pop-Up Tent

If you’re heading to the beach then a UV pop-up tent is a lifesaver. You can keep your baby out of the sun, stop them getting too sandy and have somewhere to change their nappy. These tents fold up really small so you can easily squeeze it in your luggage.

Spiral Backpack

This is for my mum and dad, really. They like Spiral backpacks to keep all my day-to-day stuff in. Mum says baby bags are too bulky and dad says they always look like lady’s handbags so a backpack is a good compromise for them.

Spiral backpacks have a laptop compartment which is perfect for my nappies and wipes. The large section is good for all my toys and spare clothes and the front pocket is where mum keeps her things.

The Travel Hack on Bryher Island

Baby sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are great for babies while you’re travelling. You can pack them easily and they’re a familiar comfort from home. It can be scary sleeping in a new bed but at least when I have my normal sleeping bag it feels a bit more like home.

Doona Pushchair

If you read my mum’s review of the Doona Pushchair you’ll understand why this is on the list. It’s the best pushchair ever! It’s an infant car seat with wheels that pop out from the bottom and it turns into a mini-pushchair. You can take it on the plane if you’ve paid for a seat and you don’t need to worry about lugging a car seat along with you.

Doona Pushchair review on The Travel Hack

Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream

I hate sun cream. It’s sticky and gross but my mum says I have to wear it. My favourite is Bepanthen Baby Sun Cream in SPF50. It applies easily and provides great coverage.

Pao Papoose Baby Carrier

I love being in a baby carrier because I can see what’s going on or I can turn around and have a nap/cuddle. My mum and dad love it too because they can go everywhere really easily without worrying about bumpy roads and narrow footpaths.

You can see my mum’s review of the Pao Papoose here.

The Travel Hack and The Tiny Travel Hack

Panda and the Sparrow Outfits

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but look how cute I look!

Panda and the Sparrow make organic bamboo cotton baby clothes and they’re super gorgeous. Bamboo cotton is as soft as cashmere, hypoallergenic and really absorbent. But it’s great for travelling because it’s also UV resistant, thermo regulating and lovely and breathable.

I really like their baby grows because they have foldaway mittens as well as foldaway feet so you can get your toes out if it’s warm. Their hats look pretty good too and the UV resistant material is good for baldy little heads.

The Tiny Travel Hack

Medela Breastpump + Microwavable steriliser bags

This is another one for my mum as it gives her a bit of time off from feeding me and she can have a few glasses of wine. She’s a Medela brand ambassador because she loves them so much!

When you’re flying with a baby it’s a good idea to feed us during takeoff because it encourages us to swallow and equalise our ears. My mum doesn’t mind breastfeeding me in public but she doesn’t like doing it on planes so she expresses and gives me a bottle. I don’t mind, as long as I’m getting my milk I’m happy. Mum recommends a manual pump for while you’re travelling as it’s smaller, lighter and more discreet.

Microwavable sterilizer bags are great because they’re small and so easy to use. You can wash all your bottles and equipment in your hotel bathroom and then give the microwavable bag to a member of staff. We’ve never had a problem doing this and find the hotel staff are always happy to pop it in the microwave for us. If you’re travelling somewhere that doesn’t have a microwave, try Milton cold water tablets.

Captain Calamari

Have you met my friend, Captain Calamari? He’s awesome and he keeps me entertained for hours. I’m only 5 months old so that’s quite a challenge!

My mum has given me lots of toys but Captain Calamari is the only guy I really like. He is a pirate after all.

Cheap baby grows and disposable bibs

As weaning begins, meal times are getting messier. I can’t help it, I just love touching my food and smearing it across my face.

Disposable bibs are great for days out and while you’re travelling because you don’t need to carry icky bibs with you all day. It’s also worth considering taking really cheap baby grows – the type you can buy in packs from Primark. If your baby gets really messy, you can just throw it away.

Optional Extras

Swim Nappies – All babies are water babies so pack some swim nappies so we can go for a splash. My mum gets my swim nappies from Aldi.

Gro Anywhere Black Out Blind – Some babies struggle to sleep if it’s too light so a portable blackout blind is very handy. It sticks to the window with suction cups and stops us waking up too early.

Gro Egg Room Thermometer – This clever thermometer and night light tells you the temperature of the room and adds a happy face, a neutral face or a sad face depending on whether it thinks it’s too hot or cold. The night light is handy for night feeds, especially when you’re somewhere unfamiliar and might bump into things.

What to leave at home

Nappies and wipes – Nappies take up loads of space and you’ll find them in your destination. They might not be your favourite brand but they’ll do the job and will save a lot of space in your case.

Baby Sunglasses – They look cute for about 3 seconds but can find a baby who will wear them for longer than 3 seconds?

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Brad Rutta

Thursday 13th of August 2015

This is a great list. Many people sometimes bring too much stuff, as well as not enough, so thank you for including what NOT to bring, too!


Tuesday 4th of August 2015

It's so cute that George gets his own bio! I love it so much!


Saturday 1st of August 2015

We all need a Captain Calamari in our lives! :-)


Sunday 2nd of August 2015

I couldn't agree more. He even manages to keep me entertained for a while ;)

Anne Slater-brooks

Tuesday 28th of July 2015

George is one clever baby!! I love his take on life, and hope he keeps writing blog posts into his teens!!


Wednesday 29th of July 2015

He is indeed, and I'm not biased at all.... ;)

Cathy (MummyTravels)

Tuesday 28th of July 2015

Great tips from George - totally agree about the nappies too. And room for some Vanish (the glamour...)


Wednesday 29th of July 2015

Haha. Sssshh, I'm still pretending that travelling with a baby is super glamourous...