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Introducing the new Travel Hack Team!

Introducing the new Travel Hack Team!

I’m so excited to introduce you to the new Travel Hack Team!

For nearly four years this blog has been a one-man-band and all of a sudden we’re a team of 10.

I had over 280 applications to join the team. I was absolutely amazed that so many people were interested and I’d like to thank each and every person who emailed. Each application was unique and interesting and made me realise how many amazing storytellers there are out there. You guys have travelled far and wide and had so many incredible travel experiences around the world.

I’d only planned to take three or four contributors but it’s been such a tough decision that we’ve ended up with eight! There’s also a special little guest who will be joining us from time to time too. And with me, that makes us 10.

Having a team enables us to see more, do more and share more. I want The Travel Hack to be an amazing resource filled with great travel tips and ideas for your next holiday, whether it’s a weekend escape or a trip around the world.

There’s one thing that every member of the team shares and that’s a love for stylish adventure travel.

We’re still going to be focusing on adventurous days and stylish stays with affordable luxury in mind.

We all love exciting adventures and experiencing new things when we travel. We want to get out there and discover as much as we can. But after a hard day exploring, we want to return to a stylish boutique hotel and enjoy a cocktail or two and a great meal.

If this sounds like your kind of travel then you’re going to love the new team. So, without further ado, here they are….


ClaireClaire Robinson

The Weekend Escaper

Claire’s an award-winning freelance writer with a lust for weekend travel. Whether it’s in the UK or Europe, you’ll find her checking out the sweetest places to stay and the best things do for a weekend away.

Travel Candy is Claire’s weekend inspiration blog. It started life in June 2014 as a way for Claire to share her love of travel with people who, like her, work full-time and can only escape at the weekends. Over the last year, Claire’s zipped to a host of different spots in the UK and Europe, bringing back colourful, evocative and energetic tales of where to go and what to see for those wishing to do the same.

She puts her travel obsession down to the time she spent in Kenya as a child and lives her life according to one simple mantra: ‘In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.’


AmyAmy Stewart

The Grown-Up Gapper

Amy is a freelance writer and travel and beauty blogger at Bambi Jane. She’s originally from Edinburgh but now lives in Surrey with her boyfriend.

When she’s not copywriting for clients across the UK or exploring the world, you’ll find her with her nose in a book, desperately trying to get better at yoga or drinking too much coffee. Or, in Anthropologie.

Travel has always been in Amy’s blood and she loves it in all its forms – from her earliest family holiday to travelling the world at 18. In fact, she’s about to embark on her biggest trip yet – an epic American road trip followed by up to two years working in the Canadian wilderness with her boyfriend. After that, who knows?


CharChar Taylor

The Stylish Traveller (and mum-to-be!)

Char Taylor is the blogger behind Taylor Hearts Travel, sharing stylish, unique and exciting travel. Char has been blogging for two years and has worked with some big brands and great tourist boards, such as Virgin Holidays, Cyprus Tourism Organization and Sonoma County Tourism. Her blog has also won the attention of the likes of Huff Post Lifestyle, Company Magazine’s High-Street Edit, and the U.S. Travel Association.

Classy boutiques, design hotels and really unique stays get Char excited. She’s a strong believer in breaking the myth that stylish and one-of-a-kind trips are only for people with lots of money, though she admits sometimes a special occasion warrants splashing out. She loves travelling all over the world, but is equally as happy at throwing the spotlight on places in the UK (her home).

Char manages her travels alongside a full-time job, so she’s an expert on making the most of your annual leave. She’ll show you how to have an amazing holiday no matter if you have two days or three weeks to play with.

If super helpful, easy-to-read posts and lots of pretty pics are your thing, you’ll love reading Char’s contributions. Whether you’re new to travel and fancy dipping your toes in, or you’re a seasoned pro, Char can’t wait to share her tips and stories with you.


AnneAnne Slater-Brooks

The Travel Hacker

Anne is a 41 year old travel fanatic. If she’s not travelling, she’s thinking about travelling, planning a trip or ill!

Anne works in Sales for a Financial Services company, but by night she indulges in her passion as a travel blogger over at Travel the Globe 4 Less.

Her love of travel was inspired by her father’s stories of time in a Kibbutz. The tales of camels chasing buses had her imagination running wild!

At 17, Anne travelled solo from Leeds to Lille to visit my foreign exchange penpal. At 18, she horrified her father by taking time out from university to become an au-pair in Belgium and that’s where her travelling really began. 70 countries later and countless trips, she’s not lost her passion for travel and adventure and she’s looking forward to sharing it with you!



The Long-Term Traveller

Hayley brings to the team over 10 years of knowledge working within the travel industry and visiting over 50 countries. She’s currently travelling the world and telling stories through her blog the Love Puffin.

She absolutely adores finding those new and exciting adventures which get the adrenaline pumping. From bungee jumping to skydiving, volcano boarding to hang gliding, she’s tried it.

But it’s not all about extreme sports. She just loves to be in the great outdoors so any excuse to get outside and hike, ride a horse or do a little yoga, she’ll be there.

Travelling long term means that all of her adventures are done on a budget, and she shares her tips and tricks to saving money alongside her stories from the road. Where possible, her budget journeys are punctuated with a little luxury here and there.

She is also probably one of the unluckiest bloggers out there, having been bitten by a spider in Honduras, harboured a worm in her arm in Fiji, experienced a force 8.8 earthquake in Chile and been electrocuted in India. You can be sure that no matter what happens, Hayley’s travels will be anything but boring.


Jenny DolphinJenny Dolphin

The Stylish Packing Expert

Jenny Dolphin hails from across the pond in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. She loves her coffee strong, her bags light, and her trips spontaneous! While Minnesota will always be home, she feels like a bit of a nomad as she has spent the last 10 years bouncing around the world living in Australia, California, New York, Colorado, Italy, Rhode Island, and Florida. She has travelled to 40+ countries, visited nearly all the States, backpacked through Asia, and worked as a flight attendant based out of San Francisco.

Having to pack for multiple climates in one small carry-on as a flight attendant taught her a few things about packing smart. She is full of packing tips and tricks and cannot wait to share them with the Travel Hack readers!

Jenny now works from home, but travels for business quite often and loves to take trips with her family and friends as much as possible. Last year Jenny married her husband, Mike, and they adopted a very large and very mischievous Bernese Mountain Dog named Duke. When Jenny’s not travelling, she is blogging about it at Traveling Chic.


Mollie | The Travel HackMollie Bylett

The Adventurer

Mollie’s curiosity for what lies beyond an ordinary life has led her backpacking through the likes of South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand seeking adventure & life in it’s purest moments.

Never one to turn down a bungy jump, a new friend or a new country, Mollie is totally consumed by wanderlust. A sucker for sunsets, palm trees and food, however it comes, Mollie captures the unforgettable moments through her blog, Mollie Bylett.

Through her adventures, Mollie aims to inspire you to live fully, take the leap you’ve been dying to take & regret nothing.

LaurenElle Croft

The Stylish London Expert
Elle Croft is a London-based travel blogger who is equally happy exploring the city she lives in as venturing to far-flung destinations.
She was brought up by travel-loving parents and took her first overseas trip to South Africa at the young age of six. Since then she’s been hooked, and when she got married in Australia in 2007 she dragged her husband around the world, giving him the chance to fall in love with travel too. They haven’t looked back since.
Once a long-term traveller, Elle mostly focuses on shorter-term breaks these days – the kind that she can fit into an annual leave allowance – but it doesn’t stop her from constantly discovering new things to see, do, eat and experience.
She’s a firm believer in stylish travel, and will always look for a twist on the traditional. Luckily for her, London offers unusual experiences in abundance. When Elle’s not travelling or blogging over at A Bird in the Hand you can usually find her, coffee in one hand and camera in another, strolling the beautiful streets of the city she calls home.


The Tiny Travel Hack

And finally, we have George, the youngest member of The Travel Hack Team at 15 weeks old. George specialises in baby friendly travel and will be reviewing accommodation and holidays with tiny travellers and their parents in mind.

George likes to travel slowly, making time for afternoon naps and long games of peekaboo. His favourite destination is North Wales but he’s looking forward to seeing more of the UK over the next few months.

Monica Stott - The Travel HackMe!

The Travel Hack

And then there’s me, the original Travel Hack. What will I be doing while these lovely ladies are jetting off around the world? Well, I’ll be jetting off too! (someone needs to accompany The Tiny Travel Hack and edit his posts 😉 )

I’ll still be blogging about my adventures and my mission to keep on travelling with a baby. I’ll be sharing tips on blogging, my ultimate travel tips and I have a few exciting trips coming up too.


If you’d like to follow along with the all new Travel Hack team then you can sign up for email updates (daily or weekly), follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or follow along on Bloglovin’.



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Kathryn Burrington

Saturday 11th of July 2015

Sounds like a great team, some familiar faces and some new. I'm looking forward to reading their different perspectives on travel, especially form the Tiny Travel Hack.

Anne Slater-Brooks

Monday 6th of July 2015

So exciting to be onboard with such talent! Looking forward to reading all the fabulous posts from exciting destinations around the globe!! x

Victoria@ The British Berliner

Monday 6th of July 2015

Congratulations everyone. This is exciting news for you all, working in a team and spreading and sharing your various skills and talents. I can't wait to see the next move! :)

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