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Update: Applications to join the team have now closed. Thank you so much to everyone who has applied.

For the past five years I’ve put my heart and soul into The Travel Hack. I never dreamt that my little blog would turn into my full time career. Not only that but it’s a career that allows me to travel the world, chase my dreams and work from anywhere I like. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to check that this is all real.
The Travel Hack has grown at an amazing rate, particularly since I left my job to blog full time. I have nearly 350,000 followers on social media, each post has thousands of page views and I’m being invited to work on some of the most exciting campaigns I could imagine. To make it even better, the blog is now giving me the chance to travel with my baby boy and hopefully give him the opportunity to see the world.
The Travel Hack is growing so quickly that I can barely keep up so its time to bring on some new bloggers! I’d like to bring together a small team of travel bloggers to add different voices, perspectives and unique stories to The Travel Hack.


The Travel Hack is all about stylish adventures and affordable luxury. This means hiking through the jungle followed by a luxury stay in a boutique jungle lodge. It’s about saving money with cheap flights and splashing out on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s about unusual accommodation options, tips to save on travel and unusual adventures from around the world.

If this sounds like your travel style, keep reading…


Why be a Travel Hack Blogger?

The Travel Hack is ranked as one of the top 10 travel blogs in the UK

The blog receives over 100,000 monthly pageviews and grows enormously each month

As a regular contributor you’ll be able to pitch to travel companies for press opportunities and use The Travel Hack media kit for compensated travels

Whenever possible, you’ll be able to take my place on press trips

You’ll have the chance to review new products

Links to your blog and social media profiles in your author bio


Blogger Requirements

I’m looking for bloggers with a creative flare and a passion for travel who can create interesting, informative, engaging and shareable travel content.

  • The Travel Hack offers a combination of personal travel stories and useful travel tips that will help and inspire people to travel more. You should be able to create posts that continue this theme and have a list of blog post ideas as long as your leg.
  • Ideally, I’d like bloggers with a particular niche. For example, I’m currently focusing on travelling with a baby. Maybe you’re an expert on a particular area, love the outdoors, you’re a real foodie, you’re a packing pro or you’re an expert travel hack?
  • Able to write 2 blog posts per month
  • Each article should be accompanied by your own photography or photos that are appropriately sourced and credited
  • Passion (or borderline obsession) for travel
  • Familiarity with travel blogs
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Bursting with creative ideas
  • Impeccable spelling and grammar
  • Understanding of SEO and writing for online audiences
  • Keen photographer – preferably with a DSLR or high quality camera
  • Able to commit to 6 months – I’d like to create a regular team rather than one off guest bloggers so this is really important


How to apply

Please email me at [email protected] with the following details:

  • A short paragraph about yourself and why you’d be perfect for this position (no mammoth essays please!)
  • Do you have a particular niche or speciality you’d like to focus on?
  • 3-4 examples of blog posts you’ve already written
  • 2-3 ideas for blog posts you’d like to write for The Travel Hack. (A title and brief summary is fine)
  • Links to examples of your own photos
  • Links to any relevant social media channels

If you have any questions, please pop them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Monica is the founder and editor of The Travel Hack. She began the blog in 2009 when she left the UK to travel around Asia and Australia for two years. She's now a professional blogger and has travelled around the world in search of stylish adventure travel. Monica has recently had her second baby and is determined to prove that travelling with a baby is possible!

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  1. Hi, these roles sound great for a travelaholic! I was just wondering whether they are paid, or would the bloggers be rewarded in the form of trips?

    Thanks for any info 🙂

  2. Hey,

    This looks excellent. One query though. Is this opportunity location specific or may anyone from any part of the world with a computer, an indecent amount of passion for travel and fairly decent writing skills apply?

  3. This sounds like an amazing opportunity! My question is whether you reckon you’ll be hiring again sometime in the future. Perhaps in 6 months or in a year?.. I ask this because I really would love to apply, but if I was honest with myself, I’d say that I perhaps need to establish myself more first, before submitting myself as an applicant. What do you reckon? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Ella. I really couldn’t say as is depends on who applies. I hope that the people I take on initially will stick around for a year or longer but if they decided they only wanted to stay with The Travel Hack for 6 months then I would be taking on again then. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

  4. Hi Monica. This is an incredible opportunity… I just have one quick question: do you require your team to be UK-based, due to proximity and press events, product review, shared experiences…?
    (oh… and the english must be british or the american version is acceptable?)

    1. Hi Sarah,
      American English is fine if you’re American. As long as it’s one or the other I don’t mind.
      And in terms of location you can be anywhere in the world. Most of the press events and trips I’m offered do leave from the UK so it does mean that a lot of them won’t be available to someone outside of the UK (unless they were happy to pay for their own flight). But there’s no reason why you couldn’t pitch for a press trip leaving from the USA if you had the right contacts.

  5. What a great opportunity. Congrats on being able to take on bloggers. I have watched how you have progressed over the years and it really inspires me to try harder.
    Good luck to everyone who applies. I would, but I don’t have the experience or opportunity to travel.

  6. Hey Monica — When writing for The Travel Hack, would it be okay for a writer to include one or two in-post links to articles on their own blog if it’s relevant to the post topic? Thanks!

  7. Congrats on being able to take on a team. Sounds like a great opportunity. When are you looking to start this after you have made your selection?

  8. Hi Monica! I have been on your mailing list for a while now, and I follow your blog regularly because you have great content. It seems that your site is geared more toward the female population. Are your positions open to male bloggers?

    1. Hi Howard, thank for your message. This is absolutely open to male bloggers too! I actually haven’t had many applications from men so it would be great if you applied.
      Please don’t let the girly logo put you off as I will be redesigning to reflect the team style.

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