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My favourite new backpack from Maria Maleta

My favourite new backpack from Maria Maleta

It’s just a quick blog today because I want to show you some pics of my favourite new bag from Maria Maleta.

It’s a beautiful backpack/handbag that gets even more brownie points because it’s reversible. You can wear it with the red suede or the brown leather on the outside.

I’m a handbag girl through and through. Some women like shoes. Some women like make up or accessories but for me it’s all about the bag.

I’m a big backpack fan because I always need my hands free. If I don’t have a child in each hand then I’ve got a camera or a dog or shopping bags and I just don’t have the patience for a handbag that keeps slipping off my shoulder!

It can be tough to find beautiful backpacks in the way you have beautiful handbags. Most designers seem to think that backpacks are practical and sturdy so they don’t need to be lovely but I disagree!

Maria Maleta is a small Portuguese brand from Porto. It was started by two ladies who believe all women have two sides (and I think most men will agree!) We have a glamourous side and a casual side. A practical side and a pretty side and we can switch and change at the drop of a hat! Maria Maleta reflects this with versatile bags that can be used in different ways.

Since the moment we choose our raw-materials, through all the production and packaging procedures, we spoil your Maria with love and care, so that she can bring to you our gratitude for believing in us. Your Bag will be always a good partner, we taught her that.  And your bag it´s also our dream, thank you for your contribution.

I love that the bags are versatile but I also love that you get your money’s worth! It’s like two bags for the price of one! And this bag is so gorgeous. I just want to stroke it and put my head inside and inhale that gorgeous leather scent. It feels thick and sturdy but so soft and lovely. (I told you I was a bag girl, I am enjoying this bag way too much!)

Find out more about the Maria Maleta team here and check out their beautiful backpack collection here. Mine is the backpack casual leather.

Disclaimer: I was gifted this bag but was under no obligation to write a review. I just really love this bag and wanted to share it!

Photos by Portraits by Nicky.