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What’s in your cabin case? Girl Tweets World

What’s in your cabin case? Girl Tweets World

This week we’re snooping inside the cabin case of Jayne Gorman, the fabulous blogger behind Girl Tweets World. This new series sees me snooping inside the hand luggage of my favourite travel bloggers and it’s to celebrate the launch of the new Travel Hack Cabin Case (and just because I’m nosy too!) Last week I chatted with the guys from Hand Luggage Only who, shock horror, rarely travel with just hand luggage!

Girl Tweets World is all about Jayne’s exotic and glamorous life Down Under. She relocated from London to Sydney with her Australian husband a few years back and they’ve recently moved again to Melbourne. Jayne is still whizzing all over the world, experiencing the best in affordable luxury as she travels from the Maldives to Japan, Canada to Abu Dhabi.

Jayne is somewhat of a travel blogging legend to me. She was one of the first travel bloggers I met and she was definitely the first who was doing things on such a professional level. Even before being ‘a full time blogger’ was even a thing she was working with brands like a pro. She’s been a huge inspiration to me, especially as I followed in her footsteps as the Social Media Specialist at Flight Centre UK and later followed her into the freelance world.

I’m totally girly crushing on Jayne here aren’t I!? But if you ever get to meet her you will be too!

Now let’s find out what’s in her cabin case….


Do you usually travel with checked luggage or just hand luggage?

I must confess I’ve never travelled with hand luggage only – I just couldn’t do it! I’m not an over-packer but with all the equipment I need for blogging – including a bag full of chargers – I’d find it impossible not to travel with checked luggage.


What 5 things do you always have in your cabin case? (other than your passport, phone, wallet and chargers)

A refillable water bottle. I got so sick of paying for overpriced bottles of Evian in airports so always have my own water bottle on me now. Almost all airports have water fountains where you can refill them for free before boarding.

A pen – for all those pesky custom forms!

A big scarf or (my current fave) a Merino wall wrap/shawl – I get so cold on planes and prefer to come prepared with my own personal blanket rather than use the crusty airline ones.

Totes slipper socks – to keep my tootsies warm and walk around the plane in.

Grazia Magazine – this has been a thing for me since the 90s! I always used to buy a giant wedge of magazines for flying and despite having a Kindle, Laptop, iPhone etc I still love to get involved in a bit of print. I live in Oz now so pay about $12 just read to Grazia, which they import from the UK, but old habits die hard!


If you could magically design something that makes travelling easier, what would it be?

Maybe some luggage that followed you around via GPS without having to touch it? I think they have drones that do that so who knows, maybe this will be the future of travelling?


Do you have any packing hacks?

I’m a huge advocate of packing cubes – I love an organised suitcase and cubes are so handy for compartmentalising things. I also swear by planning all my trip outfits, trying them on before packing if need be, as there’s no use carrying items that you’ve decided don’t fit/look ugly.


What’s your top tip to stay stylish while you travel?

I recently discovered a brand in Melbourne called Sassind who specialise in luxury loungewear and stylish clothes for travelling. Their range includes silky harem pants, wool wraps and gold leather slippers that are seriously comfy and look stylish from plane runway to resort.


Do you have any items of clothing you always travel with?

Another Aussie designer I’ve fallen in love with is Camilla who makes divine beaded silk kaftans. They are not the cheapest items but I have a couple that I’ve worn everywhere from the Caribbean to the Maldives. You can wear them casual or dressy and there are a million different ways of styling them from off-shoulder to minis. It’s like having 8 outfits in your suitcase but only takes up the space of 1 t-shirt!


What’s your next travel destination?

I’ve just arrived in Bali and am wafting around in a Camilla kaftan as we speak 😀


Check out Jayne’s Insta feed as I’m sure there will be more than a few jealousy inducing snaps from Bali!



Thursday 2nd of November 2017

I only just read this properly now and what a lovely intro - thank you! I think I need to hire you to write my media kit Mon haha


Thursday 2nd of November 2017

Haha, I'll send over my rates card ;)

Mary at Hellopeagreen

Friday 20th of October 2017

ok, do I live in a dark cave? What's a packing cube? I've stopped taking my laptop with me when I do weekend trips its made a huge difference to travelling light and I've invested in a universal plug to cut down on the number of chargers (not completely but maybe just a couple fewer)


Sunday 22nd of October 2017

A packing cube is like a little bag you put clothes inside. You can usually buy a set of them and you'll have one cube for tops and one for trousers and maybe one for accessories and one for toiletries. They're a game-changer when it comes to packing!