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How To Use Amazon Selling and Website Flipping To Travel The World By Zach Zorn – Money Nomad

How To Use Amazon Selling and Website Flipping To Travel The World By Zach Zorn – Money Nomad

Today’s post is by Zach from Money Nomad and follows nicely last week’s post about how I work part time and still earn a decent income. Zach’s journey to creating a successful online career has been very different to my own and I find it so interesting to see how other people earn a living and have this flexible lifestyle where you work smarter, not harder. I’ll hand it over to Zach now who will tell you all about his experience using Amazing selling and website flipping!


Tips for Amazon selling and website flipping

Zach from Money Nomad in Tahiti


2017 was the year I decided to go all in and pursue my dream of earning money with just a computer and internet connection. I always knew the “9 to 5” job was not for me, but also knew that creating my own income every month would not be easy. Although there are many videos and blog posts about generating passive income overnight, in reality, it takes months or years of hard work and consistency for this to happen. Additionally, I always wanted the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures. In order to achieve these goals, I had to make something happen!


Since I didn’t have years to wait, I came up with several online business ideas that could offer fairly quick income, which would allow me to determine if my dreams were about to become realities in short order.


Amazon Selling


My first project was to start an Amazon FBA business, where FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon.” When selling through the FBA program, Amazon will package, ship, handle customer service and take back returns on a seller’s behalf, for a fee. The FBA program enables products to be sold as “Prime” products on the Amazon marketplace. In short, as an FBA seller, you buy products in bulk from overseas, put your own logo on the products, then ship these products in bulk to Amazon warehouses. You then create a product listing that will go on Amazon, and each time a purchase is made, Amazon handles the entire transaction and sales process. This system allows sellers to be mostly “hands off,” freeing up time and generating fairly passive income.


In my first month of selling on Amazon, I did over $5,200 in sales which equated to $2,200 in profit! (You can read my full story on Money Nomad.) Over the next five months, I earned over $23,000 in sales, making $10,000 of profit. I went from having zero e-commerce experience, to making $2,000 per month in profit with very little work. My good friend started to sell on Amazon last year, so he could quit his job, and did roughly $120,000 in sales in just eight months. In the paragraphs below I will explain how you can get involved with Amazon selling.

Zach’s friend selling 6 figures on Amazon!


Website Flipping


Once I had my Amazon business up and running, I quickly realized I had free time to work on another project. While $2,000 per month from Amazon is great, I needed additional income if I was to be my own boss and get to travel.


After months of researching other online investments to pursue, I found Empire Flippers, an online brokerage for websites and web based businesses. From my research, I found affiliate marketing to be a lucrative endeavor as many people earn thousands of dollars per month this way. Since I did not have the time to build an affiliate website from the ground up, I decided to purchase an already established website earning $1,800+ per month in profit.


For clarification, a website earns affiliate income by the website owner placing links within articles that direct people to Amazon, BestBuy, and other similar websites. If a reader clicks on the link and purchases the product, then the website owner who shared the link is given a small commission of the sale at no extra charge to the buyer.


On January 1, 2018, I purchased an affiliate website from Empire Flippers for $49,000. Although this was a large upfront purchase, the website had many years of proven passive affiliate income history and was the perfect way to learn more about affiliate marketing.

After four months of ownership, I had learned everything that I needed to while increasing profitability. I ended up selling it for $75,000 in April, for over a $30,000 profit in just four months. (The $30,000 is made up of the difference between buying/selling price and the monthly affiliate income).

The listing of the website Zach bought

The stats from the wesbite



The pageviews from the website Zach bought


I have since bought another website as an investment, and have begun building niche websites from the ground up to create additional income streams.


With these two income streams, I could now truly call myself my own boss and felt confident to earn enough money each month. Since both ventures allow me to set my own schedule, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Italy, Greece, Cancun, Cabo, various U.S. states, the Caribbean, Panama, Costa Rica and Tahiti!

Zach in Greece


Enough About Me, Here’s How You Can Emulate This Success


If Amazon selling interests you, then here are 11 simplified steps that will help you get started selling on Amazon:


  1. Create an Amazon Sellers Central professional account
  2. Sign up for either Jungle Scout or Helium 10
  3. Using the Jungle Scout or Helium 10 tools, find a product on Amazon that already has high demand and low competition (these tools will help you find products and determine this)
  4. Go to Alibaba and search for the product you found on Amazon
  5. Select a manufacturer that can supply you a similar product in bulk, but that offers different colors, styles or features. Add your own brand name or logo to these products
  6. Have the bulk products shipped to your house for inspection
  7. Once inspected, create a product listing within the Amazon Sellers Central portal
  8. Ship your products in bulk to Amazon via the Amazon Sellers Central portal
  9. Create a PPC ad campaign within the Amazon Sellers Central portal to advertise your product
  10. Sit back as sales come rolling in
  11. Repeat as you need inventory, or when you want to add other products

The stats from Zach’s first few months selling on Amazon


If website investing stands out to you, then I recommend going to Empire Flippers and signing up for their newsletter. Every Monday morning they publish new listings, so be online during this time to look for possible investment opportunities. They sell websites from $20,000 to over $1,000,000, appealing to a wide range of budgets.


I created a four page “buyers checklist” that you can follow to make sure you’re purchasing a sound investment. Here is a link to it in Amazon Drive. The Empire Flippers team is really helpful, so if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact them. I truly believe website ownership is a way to longterm wealth and freedom from a “regular” job.


Where Will Your Investments Take You?


After pursuing both ventures, if you asked me to pick the most lucrative, then I would have to say website investing. Investors have been buying and flipping websites for many years, but this style of investing is still not mainstream yet. Websites have relatively low risk but have tons of upside potential. From my experience, there will always be a buyer for your website if it’s quality, meaning if you need to get your money out it’s totally doable.


You can use Amazon selling as a way to save up enough capital to pursue a website purchase if needed. Just think, as a website owner you only need a computer and internet connection to be successful. You can be nearly anywhere in the world managing your online asset that is earning thousands of dollars per month.


I look forward to hearing where your online investments take you in the near future!


Thursday 11th of April 2019

I with my friend used to design and develop website but the poor part is not enough money.But from on now we should look to follow your footprints. As you told I also donot want to work for any other. Loved your article. Thanks


Tuesday 12th of March 2019

Wow... Eye opening post. I wonder whether I should quit blogging, hahaha