Scuba diving in Hurghada, Egypt

When I was first arranging my trip to Egypt I was super excited at the prospect of scuba diving again. I haven’t been diving for so long and I miss the underwater world so much.

I’ve been lucky enough to go snorkelling in gorgeous places like Barbados and Dominica this year but it doesn’t compare to actually diving down to the bottom of the seabed.

Hurghada in Egypt is well known as being a perfect gateway to the Red Sea and a great place for new scuba divers to learn. The water is warm and calm and there’s so much to explore.

But just a few days after confirming the holiday I discovered I was pregnant so I knew there’d be no scuba diving for me. There isn’t any evidence to suggest scuba diving could harm the baby (I checked!) but there aren’t any pregnant women who are prepared to test it out. I was disappointed but the happiness of being pregnant definitely outweighs any sadness! Plus, I’ve surely bought myself 9 months worth of Sam looking after the baby once he arrives while I go scuba diving, bungee jumping and boozing.

Sam was only too keen to take my place on a few scuba diving adventures and made this awesome video. I was so jealous when he came back and told me he’d seen a turtle!

Sam went diving with the scuba company at Baron Palace Resort and also with a company arranged by our rep. The one arranged by the rep was further out and we had to take a boat there. I went along and snorkeled while Sam was diving.

Sam preferred the diving company at the hotel. He said their equipment was much better and they were more professional.


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  1. I once went snorkeling in the Red Sea off the coast of Sharm el Sheikh. It was lovely. Only a few weeks later I heard a woman was attacked by a shark just near there! Guess I got lucky!

    Loved your video. Did you use a GoPro?


  2. Being happily pregnant compensates for not going scuba diving :-). Another time… Like you, we only dive occasionally when we travel and happen to be in a dive destination. In Egypt, we were fortunate to go scuba diving in the Red Sea at Sharm el Sheikh. The diving there was epic and some of the best we’ve done in the world!

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