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Travel News: How to look after your money in Myanmar, Burma

Travel News: How to look after your money in Myanmar, Burma

This Travel News post is in association with Visa with some great info on how to look after your money in Myanmar. 

Until 2012 there were no cash machines in Myanmar due to economic sanctions. This was a nightmare for tourists because it meant having to bring in enough US dollars to last for the duration of their trip. Not only this but the dollars had to be in pristine condition without any folds or marks. Most travellers entered Myanmar with $100 bills, which were then difficult to use at smaller shops, and restaurants rarely had enough change.

This was frustrating, impractical and unsafe. If anyone got their hands on your stash of cash you’d be left without a penny to your name.

Thankfully, travelling in Myanmar is now much simpler. Tourist visas are easier to get hold of and the infrastructure for tourism is being built.

And finally, there are now over 600 ATMs available for cash withdrawals with your Visa card. Phew! Alongside the ATMs there are also over 1,000 POS terminals (point of sales) at hotels, restaurants and shops meaning you can pay on your Visa card for larger expenses.

Being able to pay on your card may not seem like a deal breaker when travelling to a new country but the ability to make electronic payments will make a huge difference to the progression of the country. Visitors can now spend their money without worrying and it makes travelling in Myanmar much more convenient.

If you’re travelling to Myanmar and want to know where you can withdraw cash, check out Visa’s Global ATM Locator. Visa can even send a SMS message of the list you found to your phone to use offline. Handy!

If you’re travelling to Burma, check out Dustin Main’s blog posts about the country. He’s got loads of great advice and gorgeous photography that will make you fall in love with Burma before you’ve even arrived!

Photo credit: Greg Walters 



Tuesday 30th of September 2014

The right post at the right time. We're just about planning our trip to Myanmar! I'll check out Dustin's blog too. Thanks a lot! :)