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Mum Hacks: My 15 favourite recent Amazon purchases for mum life

Mum Hacks: My 15 favourite recent Amazon purchases for mum life

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I have a confession to make today. I am an Amazon Prime addict.

I order something via Amazon Prime almost everyday. I know, I think that sounds bad when I say it out loud too, but I’m not a crazy shopaholic, honest! It’s always stuff we need and I love the fact I don’t need to waste half a day traipsing around the shops searching for something specifically obscure.

In fact, I very rarely ‘go to the shops’ anymore. This is partly because going shopping with three young children is a horrific form of torture but also because shopping online is so darn easy, especially when it arrives the next day!

I use Amazon for everything from nappies to dog food, washing powder to household cleaning products. I bought virtually everything baby-related for Alba like breast pump replacement parts, a changing mat, a steriliser and toys. I buy batteries, bedding, books, light bulbs and treats for the boys. I’ve bought a double bed and mattress, furniture, car seats, kitchen accessories, cameras, gadgets, tripods, gifts, beauty products, a letterbox and everything in between!


Today I’d like to share 15 of my favourite Amazon purchases that make my life as a busy mum so much easier…


Touch sensor night light

Touch sensor night light

I bought this rechargeable night light for a camping trip last summer. It was brilliant for camping and it’ll easily stay charged for about 2 weeks and is easy to turn on because it works by simply tapping it and holding down for however bright you’d like it. 

I loved it so much I keep it in our bedroom for night feeds with Alba and George now has one too. It’s great for kids who are scared of the dark because it’s dimmable so George goes to sleep with it ridiculously bright and we turn it right down once he’s asleep.


Echo Dot

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

We now have three Alexas in our house and they really do make life a lot easier! I’m planning to write a post about all the ways we use our Alexas.


Bento lunch boxes

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

We have a lot of picnics in our family and George also takes a packed lunch to school everyday. I used to give him lots of individual tubs for all his things like one for grapes, one for melon, one for crackers, one for his sandwich etc, but it was such a pain washing up all these tiny tubs and i could never find all the lids!

So now I use a Bento lunchbox and life is much easier!


TRESemme Curling Tong

Tresemme curling tong

I wasn’t expecting much from this curling tong for a tenner but it’s brilliant. 


Aromatherapy diffuser

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

I’m new to the world or aromatherapy oils but I’m hooked. I love them and I love putting them in a diffuser to fill the house with gorgeous smells. And if anyone in your family has a cold you can put Olbas Oil in your diffuser to help with a stuffy nose.


Cordless shaver

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to buy a cordless shaver but now I have one I wish I’d bought it years ago. I’ve always waxed or used a Venus razor with disposable blades but a cordless electric shaver is so much easier (and let’s face it, if I have an hour to myself I don’t want to spend it getting my legs waxed!) The one I have can be used wet or dry so it’s really easy to quickly buzz your legs while you’re getting ready in the morning. No more excuses when the kids start pestering to go swimming!


Hair extensions

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

OK, this is a weird one to include but these extensions were so great I had to include them. I always used to wear extensions because I have fine hair and you can quickly and easily make your hair look ‘done’ by clipping in some extensions. I don’t wear them for the extra length, just for thickness, so when I got these I cut them short to the length of my own hair.

My hair has since grown and I’ve decided to grow it out so I can’t show you a photo of them in but they’re fab. The quality is as good as some extensions I’ve bought for twice the price.



Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

I love my Filofax. It makes me feel so organised and I love having everything work related in one place. I know it’s old-fashioned to write it all down with pen and paper but I love it. I like the size of this Filofax because it fits in my handbag or work bag without taking up too much space.


Stair storage basket

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

I discovered this through the YouTuber Emily Norris. It’s a little basket that sits neatly on the stairs and you can fill it with all the things you need to take upstairs. 

I’m pretty strict about not allowing toys downstairs in our house but they do inevitably creep down (mostly little lego men) so this basket is handy to collect all the toys and dump back in the playroom when I go upstairs. 


Spice rack

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

^We’ll paint the inside of this door one day

This spice rack is great because you can screw it to the inside door of a cupboard. It keeps your spices all neat and organised and doesn’t take up any space in your kitchen. We also have ours high up because Joseph had a stage of constantly wanting to smell all the spices. I think I let him do this once while we were cooking and it became a bit of an annoying and messy obsession. 


Baby turbans

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

Big thanks to Kara from Heels in my Backpack for recommending these. How cute! They’re soft little hats perfect for bald baby heads and that bow adds a bit of extra cuteness.


Long lighters

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

Does anyone else struggle to light their candles with a tiny little lighter? It’s so hard to get to the bottom without burning yourself or getting soot all over your hands. I performed this struggle for years…and then bought these long lighters and wondered why I didn’t buy them sooner?


Clothes steamer

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

This is an absolute game changer. A clothes steamer gets the creases out of your clothes so quickly and easily. It won’t perfectly press a crisp white shirt but it’s great for items with a bit of elastane in them. I use it for George’s school uniform and I think it’ll come in handy in a few years when I have three sets of uniforms to prepare!


Cow footrest 

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

Another slightly random one but I really like this footrest. It matches our sofa but has a fun vibe the kids love. It also doubles up as a stool when we have more guests than seats!


Reusable food pouches

Mum hacks - best Amazon buys

The boys love having yoghurts or fruit in squeezy pouches but there’s just so much plastic waste and lots of added sugar when you buy them from the supermarket. I bought these pouches to fill with our own things. Sometimes I’ll make fruit pouches in the blender, or fruit yoghurt using Greek yoghurt and frozen fruit. And as a treat I’ll make super-thick ice cream milkshakes and serve them in these pouches!