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Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery Review

Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery Review

Today I’d like to share a new jewellery brand I’m loving as this waterproof jewellery is perfect for travelling and would make a great gift for a frequent traveller! There’s also a 15% off code using the link below!

Hey Harper jewellery is made from stainless steel with a coating that won’t fade.

You can wear this jewellery to swim and sweat, so it’s perfect for active types. And also perfect for lazy types who can’t be bothered taking their jewellery on and off!

You can wear it to:

  • Swim
  • Surf
  • Scuba
  • Sauna
  • Steam
  • Shower

You can cover it in lotion or sanitiser or whatever much you come across and it’s going to be fine.

Hey Harper even offers a lifetime colour warranty, that’s how certain they are their waterproof jewellery won’t fade.

Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
This is the Hey Harper ‘care guide’


I love the idea that Hey Harper is an ‘anti-luxury’ brand.

They’re going against everything the industry has led us to believe.

The luxury jewellery industry wants us to believe that quality is reserved for ‘luxury’ and with luxury comes high price tags but not necessarily high quality.

Luxury is indulgent and reserved for gifts. 

Luxury is expensive.

Luxury should be kept for special occasions.

Hey Harper is the opposite of that.

Hey Harper is anti-luxury.

Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
Your jewellery comes in a little box like this
Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
I love these colourful velvet pouches that each piece comes in – they’re great for travelling

My Hey Harper Order

I ordered:

I’ve wanted some nice necklaces and earrings for a while. I’ve barely worn jewellery for years, mostly because I’ve had young kids for the past 8 years. Kids who tug on things at any available opportunity. But my youngest is now three and past the stage where she’ll yank an earring from my ear or swing from my necklace!

I bought a cheap stack of necklaces from H&M but they quickly lost their colour and turned my neck green. I’m sure they would have been fine if I removed them every time I applied sunscreen or went for a swim or got a bit hot! But I don’t! I’m not that kind of person! I swim and I sweat and I’d never take my necklaces off to apply my sunscreen!

Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery
The earring pouch has two sides

My Hey Harper Review

Hey Harper Waterproof Jewellery

I don’t often share simple product reviews like this but I wanted to share this because I think a piece of Hey Harper jewellery would be such a nice gift for a frequent traveller.

This jewellery isn’t gold or even gold plated, it’s stainless steel so it’s affordable and won’t fade.

I’m really pleased with my pieces and I’ll definitely be ordering again, both for myself and for gifts. I’ve got my eye on the zodiac necklaces!

Thanks to the lovely packaging they make really nice gifts

15% off Hey Harper

If you’d like 15% of your Hey Harper order, use this link here.

This isn’t an advert and I haven’t worked with Hey Harper or anything, this is just the normal referral code you get when you’ve shopped with the brand.