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Review of the iHood Heated Vest: Why you need one this winter

Review of the iHood Heated Vest: Why you need one this winter

If you’re looking for a heated vest to keep you warm this winter then I know just the one. Today I’m reviewing the iHood Heated Vest, an absolute game-changer when it comes to your winter wardrobe. I’m even wearing it now as I type this up. I’m sitting in my kitchen, typing away at my laptop and I can’t take it off. It’s just delicious!

Please note that the iHood heated vest is only available in the US.

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Why would you wear a heated vest?

Review of the iHood heated vest

I think the real question is, why wouldn’t you wear a heated vest!?

A heated vest is like any other padded gilet, only this one has 8 heated panels that feel like mini radiators inside the vest! The panels can heat up to 158°F/70°C (they’re adjustable if that’s too hot for you) and they keep you toasty and warm. It’s like having mini hot water bottles hidden inside your jacket.

Whether you’re a Soccer Mom who gets cold watching the kids play sports, a keen hiker who likes to get out whatever the weather, a dog walker who wants to beat the chill on those early morning walks, an office worker who gets cold waiting for the train, a runner who needs something warm to get them out the door (which they can then turn off when they get hot!) or you simply hate being cold, then this is for you!

I love mine for the early morning school run, walking the dog, evenings outdoors, trips into the city on winter days, skiing and I’ll admit that I often wear it at home because I can’t bring myself to take it off!

Should you get a heated vest or a heated jacket?

Review of the iHood heated vest

You’re probably aware that iHood makes heated jackets and heated vests. So which is best?

Personally, I prefer a heated vest because:

  • A vest is more versatile
  • You can wear a heated vest beneath a more stylish outer coat
  • You’ve got more movement and flexibility in a vest
  • It’s easier to show off your outfit with a vest!

For me, this makes a vest much more versatile as an everyday item I wear throughout the autumn, winter and spring. It can be suitable for outdoorsy days in the countryside as well as days in a city when worn beneath a smart coat.

Some days I want to wear a denim jacket, a cardigan, a raincoat, a blazer, a mac, a duffle coat, a long coat or my big winter coat. And now I can because I can pop my heated vest underneath.

I already have lots of lovely coats and the heated vest means I can wear them all throughout the winter, even if they’re not particularly warm coats or jackets.

I also like the feeling of being really warm but without being hidden away under a big coat.

The heated vest doesn’t feel bulky or heavy like other winter coats might. It’s really nice to feel that intense warmth without any heavy bulk. It makes me feel light and carefree as I have much more freedom to move.

Where are the heated panels?

Review of the iHood heated vest

I have the iHood heated vest with a heated hood. Yes, you read that right, it has a heated hood and it’s just as lovely as you’re imagining! (more on that below)

The vest has 8 heating panels, with two in:

  • The hood
  • The collar
  • The front (feels nice if you’ve got a stomach ache or cramps and it’s also nice to put your hands in your pockets and feel that warmth!)
  • The back

The panels in the collar are my favourite and I’m always snuggling into them for extra warmth.

Is it worth getting the vest with the hood?

I wasn’t sure if I needed the hood at first but I’m so glad I have it. 

The hood has heated panels next to your ears so it keeps your ears so warm during those really cold times!

The hood is very thin material (again, you might be wondering if it’s necessary) but I’ve realised it makes it perfect if you’re also wearing a hat. Pull your hood up and feel the gorgeous heat on your ears, then pop your hat on top and you can’t really even tell you’ve got a hood up.

The hood is water resistant but isn’t really waterproof so it’s more about keeping you extra warm than keeping you dry.

The hood is also retractable so you can easily hide it away if you don’t need it.

How does it work?

If you’re looking for a heated vest to keep you warm this winter then I know just the one. Today I’m reviewing the iHood Heated Vest, an absolute game-changer when it comes to your winter wardrobe.

The iHood heated vest is so simple to use. You charge the battery and then plug it into a USB cable which is in the inside pocket on the left of the vest. Zip up that pocket and then use the buttons which are on the left breast of the vest.

The buttons look more like a logo so they’re almost unnoticeable to other people.

There are four buttons on the vest:

  1. To turn on the hood
  2. To turn on the chest and pockets
  3. To turn on the back and collar
  4. To turn the lights on and off

You press and hold each button for 3 seconds to turn that area on or off.

It automatically turns on with the hottest setting but you can press the button once to decrease it to medium heat or low heat.

You know which heat setting it’s on because the light on the button turns:

  • Red for hot – 149-158°F/65-70°C
  • White for medium – 131-149°F/55-65?
  • Blue for the lowest heat – 122-131°F/50-55?

I really appreciate being able to turn the lights on and off. You need them on initially to see which areas you’ve turned on and what heat setting you’ve got it on. But once you’re all set, you can then turn the lights off.

It’s nice to have the option to turn the lights off. I know some people will want to draw attention to the fact they’re wearing a heated vest but other people, depending on the situation, won’t want the distraction of a light on the chest of their vest.

Does it get hot enough?

Review of the iHood heated vest


I’ll be honest here. I’ve reviewed A LOT of heated jackets (this is my first vest) and this is the first I’ve tried where I don’t permanently have it on the hottest setting.

What’s the battery life like?

The battery life is so long! It will last for:

  • 8.5 hours on a low heating
  • 6 hours on medium
  • 4.5 hours on high

The battery actually has two USB outlets so you can use this battery to charge other devices at the same time as heating your vest. Charge your phone or your headphones while you’re out and about too.

I have a plug next to my front door, so I’m trying to get into the habit of putting the battery on charge when I hang my coat up.

The battery does display how long it has left so you quickly start to realise how often you’ll need to charge it. 

Can you feel the battery?

The battery feels similar to having a phone in your pocket. I notice it when I first put it in but I quickly forget about it. I actually normally have my phone in my pocket on the other side so it balances me out.

It weighs 9.24 oz which is 261 grams. The iPhone 15 Pro Max weighs 221 grams.


Review of the iHood heated vest

When selecting the size of your heated vest, I’d recommend sizing down. The reason for this is because it’s really nice to have the heated panels as close to your body as possible!

I prefer a snug fit and I often find myself holding the vest closer to myself to feel the heated elements on me. It’s a bit like wanting to place your hands on a radiator when it’s really cold!

My vest is a size small and I actually wish it was a little smaller.

For reference, I am a petite build. I’m 5’3 (160cm) and usually wear a UK size 6-8 in jackets (that’s a size 2-4 in US sizing) so I would be happy if iHood did an extra small size but I also appreciate that most people aren’t this size.

How do you wash your heated vest?

Review of the iHood heated vest

You might be wondering how on earth you wash your vest if it’s got electric heating elements inside it. 

You can wash it no problem, either by hand or in the washing machine. Just be sure to remove the power pack and pop the top on the USB then zip the pocket closed.

The vest cannot be tumble dried and much dry naturally. Be sure that it’s 100% dry before using with the heat on.

Can I fly with my heated vest?

Yes, you can take your heated vest abroad with you.

Just remember that you can’t take power banks in your checked luggage. They need to go in your hand luggage and you’ll need to put it through the scanners as you go through security.

iHood packaging

Review of the iHood heated vest

Another thing you really have to give iHood credit for is their packaging.

All of their heated vests and jackets come in a lovely quilted bag that makes it feel even more special.

If you’re giving someone a heated vest or jacket as a gift, then I highly recommend iHood because the packaging really gives it something extra and it’s so exciting to unbox it!

Does the heated vest come in other colours?

Yes, as well as black it also comes in white and dark red. Check out the iHood website to see.

As you can probably tell, I really love my heated vest from iHood and I highly recommend it if you want to be cosy, comfortable and snug this winter.

You can find the iHood heated vests and jackets on their site. Remember, mine is the one with the retractable hood but there’s another vest, a jacket and heated gloves that are also worth checking out!