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Jurni Suitcase Review: The next step after Trunki

Jurni Suitcase Review: The next step after Trunki

We’ve all seen kids scooting gleefully around the airport on their Trunkis. While we’re standing in queues feeling stressed or bored they’re having the time of their lives as they race each other along those smooth corridors shouting ‘giddy-up’ to their tigers and ladybirds and zebras.

I’m not going to lie; on more than one occasion I’ve felt insanely jealous and I’ve wanted a Trunki of my own.

Finally, the Trunki gods have answered my prayers and designed an older version of a Trunki called the Jurni. Well, it’s for older children and ‘tweens’ really, but I got ID’d buying a lottery ticket the other day so I must be able to pass as a tween 😉

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Jurni since they were released and I got the chance to try one out during a recent trip to Paris. Here’s what I thought…

Introducing the Jurni Suitcase

A suitcase, seat and scooter in one

Jurni is a fun but stylish suitcase ideal for hand luggage. It’s strong and sturdy too – so strong that it perfectly doubles up as a seat or a footrest for those long queues or long airport waits.

Jurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blogJurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blog

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Pull or scoot?

The cleverly designed wheels allow you to drag it like you would a normal suitcase or scoot it sideways – meaning if you’re sat on it you can actually ride it like a scooter while waiting in a slow moving queue.

It took a bit of getting used to when dragging it because you need to tilt the case slightly while you pull it but I quickly got the hang of it.

Jurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blog

A nifty shelf

Inside the case you’ve got one large compartment with a removable and adjustable shelf. This means it’s really easy to divide up the case for your own belongings – maybe keeping one half for shoes and one for clothes – or to separate your belongings if you’re sharing the case with someone else. It’s also a nifty little feature for when you arrive in your destination and this shelf allows you to carry on using your case like a mini wardrobe.

Another surprisingly feature for the shelf is that it can be adjusted to create a secret compartment. Once you arrive you could lower it to the bottom of the suitcase and put important documents beneath it.

Note: Don’t use this as a safe if there’s one available at your hotel. Did you know that most insurance policies won’t cover you for theft if there was a safe available to you and you didn’t use it.

Jurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blog

Jurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blog

The removable pod

One of my favourite things about the Jurni is the removable pod on top. It’s most likely you’ll use the case for hand luggage so you can store all the things you need easy access to in here.

The problem with most suitcases is that you have to open the whole thing up when you get to security. This is awkward, potentially embarrassing and can be stressful when you’ve got a pushy security guard hurrying you along.

With the Jurni you just pop this pod off and empty it into the security tray.

You could use it for your liquids or electronics or for your passport, tickets, phone and purse/wallet which you need regular access to at the airport.

The only problem with this pod is that it has no handle so you couldn’t really take it off the suitcase completely and carry it around. It could be a storage container once you arrive but it’s awkward to carry without any kind of handle or strap.

Jurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blog

Jurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blog

Jurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blog

The design

There’s no denying that the design is sleek, stylish and eye catching. No less than five people commented on my Jurni suitcase during a recent trip to Paris. I also saw some kids enviously eyeing up my son when I was pushing him around on it!

Entertaining a toddler

I’ll admit that I wouldn’t use it as a scooter as I’m just a bit too old for that. My son, who is 18 months, does like to sit on it and be pushed around so I love it for the fact that it’ll keep a toddler entertained at the airport!

I’ve heard other parents complain that the Trunki is cute but it’s actually too small to fit much in it so this could be the perfect alternative, even for younger kids.

Jurni Suitcase review on The Travel Hack travel blog

Perfect for kids and teenagers

With the scoot function it really is the ideal suitcase for kids and would make a great Christmas gift if anyone is getting organised with their Christmas shopping already….

The facts and figures

  • £79.99 (fairly expensive but I can imagine kids using it at home in their bedrooms too)
  • Bright colors: blue, pink, and red
  • Two handles, one on top and one on the side
  • Approved to IATA as cabin luggage
  • 2-year warranty
  • 50x35x20cm
  • Holds 25 liters
  • Weighs 3.2 kg
  • Minimum height: 130cm
  • Designed in the UK
  • Free shipping on all UK orders
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Supports 100kg
  • Find out more at and #MyJurni
  • Available on Amazon

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Jurni suitcase for the purpose of this review but, as always, all thoughts, opinions and suitcase obsessions are my own.

What do you think about the Jurni suitcase? Would you use it or is there a ‘tween’ in your life who’d love it?

Sara Mcavoy

Thursday 8th of September 2016

This looks like a great suitcase to use! Shame about the weight of it though since most carry on luggage can only be 10KG, you'll have to be careful with how much you pack! xx